Dell Chromebook 13, 3 Other Chromebooks Get Google Play

Are you a Chromebook owner excited to start accessing the Google Play Store on your device? According to PCWorld, if you own a Dell Chromebook 13, HP Chromebook 13, Samsung Chromebook 3 or Asus C301SA, your time is coming. Reports indicate that these four laptops are doing some non-Chromebook things like running Microsoft Office.

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To start getting the most out of your Chromebook, you'll have to enable the developer channel. Keep in mind, that since this is the developer channel, so some apps might be buggier than others. But once it's enabled you should see the Google Play Store after restarting the system. From there, you can start taking advantage of the Play Store's vast catalog, which should add some much-needed utility to your unassuming Chromebook.

If you have one of the Chromebooks that hasn't yet been given access to the Store, don't be glum. Just keep your eyes on the Chromium page, which is keeping a running tally of which laptops are slated to join the app party next.

Sherri L. Smith
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