How to Create Automatic Evernote Backups to Google Drive

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While Evernote is a rock-solid platform that shouldn’t give you any issues, some users have reported losing notes from time-to-time. This is probably due to user error, but if you’d like that extra sense of security when adding important notes, you can automatically back up your Evernote notebooks to Google Drive.

Back up Evernote to Google Drive

Each note you save will be added into Google Drive as a new text file. If something happens, you’ve got a redundancy in place, and you’ll never again lose an important note.

1. Open this recipe in IFTTT.

this recipe

2. Click Connect to authorize IFTTT to use your Google Drive account for backups.

connect google3. Click Allow to complete the authorization.

authorize google

4. Click Done.

done google5. Click Connect to add Evernote allow IFTTT to use your Evernote account.

connect evernote6. Sign in, if necessary, and click Authorize (or Re-authorize if you previously used Evernote for an IFTTT).

authorize evernote7. Click Done.

done evernote8. Select a Notebook you’d like to archive to Google Drive. If you’d like, you can create a single notebook (or use an existing one) that connects backs up to Google, or you can repeat the steps to sync all of them with Google Drive.


One notebook with your most important notes is usually all that you’ll need to back up.

9. Click Add to complete the setup. Now, each time you create an Evernote in your specific notebook, it’ll appear within minutes in your Google Drive account -- automatically -- in a folder titled IFTTT.