How to Sync Your Google Calendar with Evernote

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There are a number of ways to sync your Google Calendar with Evernote, but today we’ll focus on a simple recipe from If This Then That (IFTTT) as a way to automate the entire process. Once connected, there are other recipes that can do anything from adding events as to-do items (with reminders), logging meeting minutes, or creating an archive of past meetings as a journal.

Sync Google Calendar with Evernote

Today though, we’re going to keep it simple. We’re going to paint in broad strokes and just show you how to use IFTTT to automatically add any entry into Evernote.

1. Open IFTTT and log in if necessary.

open2. Find an open the Google Calendar and Evernote IFTTT recipe.


3. Click Connect to create the Google Calendar channel.

Google Calendar Connect4. Log in to your Google account or select which account you’d like to use from the pop-up window.

Google Calendar login5. Click Allow to authorize the connection between IFTTT and Google Calendar.

gcal auth

6. Click Done.

Google Calendar Connected

7. Click Connect to authorize the connection between IFTTT and Evernote.

evernote connect

8. Log in to Evernote with your username (or email) and password. Click sign in when you’re done.

evernote login

9. Authorize (or re-authorize) IFTTT.

evernote auth

10. Click Done.

evernote done

11. Edit the default notebook and tags you’d like to use for each new entry. You can leave these as the defaults, if you prefer.

notebook tags

12. Click Add.


Now, any entry you make to Google Calendar automatically sends itself to Evernote as a note.