Create Multiple Checklist Items From a List or Spreadsheet in Trello

Copying a list to Trello doesn’t have to mean tirelessly typing single checklist items until completion. It’s actually as simple as copy and paste when done the right way. Rather than going line-by-line, today we’re going to show you how to import an entire list in just a couple of clicks, no additional typing needed.

1. Copy your list or spreadsheet items.

2. Open Trello and choose the appropriate board.

3. Create a list to house your new checklist and any additional cards you may require.

4. Click Save.

5. Add a card to the list.

6. Title your card and press Add.

7. Click the new card to maximize it.

8. Click the Checklist button at the right side.

9. Name the checklist and click Add.

10. Paste the spreadsheet items into the text area and click Add.