How to Create Trello Cards from a Spreadsheet

Trello is one of my favorite productivity tools. The platform, loosely based on the famous ‘kanban’ system, uses cards that you can move from list to list, or organize however you see fit. There are thousands of ways to use Trello, but one of my initial hurdles was creating new cards from lists -- I like to make lists -- one-by-one. Just recently, I learned there’s a better way.

1. Make a list in a spreadsheet or note-taking application.

2. Select the list by clicking the first item and dragging over the rest.

3. Right click and copy the text.

4. Go to Trello and choose a board to open.

5. Click Add a card under any of your top-level cards.

6. Right click and paste the selected text in the card.

7. Click Add.

8. Choose to add a new card for every item in the list, or just one card containing all of them.