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Could You Get Android on Your TouchPad?

HP pretty much bricked the TouchPad when it said it would no longer sell webOS hardware, though the company does plan to further research and develop the platform. WebOS lacks the huge selection of apps found on Android and iOS, and now that HP has left the game, no other large companies are in the business of building webOS devices. 

However, for those who already had the TouchPad and everyone who bought that shiny $99 tablet over the weekend, there's a ray of hope: TouchDroid.

Hack N Mod is offering a $1500 bounty to anyone who can port Android to the TouchPad, and at least two groups are already well on their way: RootzWiki and XDA Developers. Qualcomm has, according to rumor and a brief YouTube video, been working behind the scenes to port Android to the TouchPad-- the video below shows what could very well be the future of the TouchPad.

Though it could very well be fake, surmises, among other possibilities, that Qualcomm could have been using a blank TouchPad to test a possible device with similar specifications.  The video poster has reportedly joined the RootzWiki team.

The folks at TechCrunch love webOS, but could not recommend it without a stronger app selection. iOS and Android devices have so many apps that you can have a great offline experience, while webOS does not have the same luxury. Hundreds more apps are likely to be forthcoming from other developers, however. So the question of the day is this: If and when Android works on the TouchPad, will you be installing it?