Chromebooks May Finally Get Virtual Desktops

Update on May 13: Google confirmed at its I/O developer conference that a virtual desktop feature is coming to Chrome OS by version 76, which is slated to go live at the end of July. Google didn't provide many details about virtual desktops but a screenshot gives us a good idea of how the feature will look when it reaches Chromebooks later this year. 

Sometimes, the one desktop you have just doesn't have enough room to spread out your work. It's why power users love virtual desktops that allow them to cycle through different screens, a feature that is reportedly landing on Chromebooks in the future.

According to Android Police, proof of upcoming virtual desktops on Chrome OS has hit the web, in the form of a Chromium build published online. This suggests that the feature is in active development, confirming previous reports.

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If you're a PC or Mac user, you can try virtual desktops out for yourself right now. We've got guides to understanding Multiple Desktops in Windows 10, and using Spaces via Mission Control on a Mac, which is as easy as dragging a window through the menu bar at the top of the screen. 

Personally, I love using Spaces on my MacBooks to help me stay focused and keep work and personal stuff separate.

Unfortunately, there's no provided timeframe for virtual desktops on Chrome, but we'll keep our eyes out for this feature. We look forward to helping you understand it when it launches.