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Chrome Tabs To Show Where Noise Is Coming From

Know that sense of frustration of scrolling through dozens of tabs to hunt down that one random site that's auto-playing an obnoxiously loud video? A new release of Chrome Beta, a development build of Google's popular browser, allows you to easily identify which of your tabs is making noise by looking at an icon on the tab itself. And since most popular updates in Chrome Beta eventually get released to the mainstream version, this feature should be coming to your Chrome browser soon.

The latest update of Chrome Beta also tells you at a glance which of your tabs are using your webcam or casting to your TV with respective indicators next to the Close Tab button. A speaker icon means that tab is making noise, a red record icon means your webcam is being used, and a blue TV symbol indicates that tab is being streamed via Chromecast. 

Chrome Beta now also automatically blocks files that it identifies as malware instead of displaying a warning before you visit or download malicious sites or software. Instead, you will see an alert appear in the download tray at the bottom of your screen, which you can dismiss or click on for more options. Windows 8 (or 8.1) users will also find an update to Chrome in Metro mode, making it easier to start Chrome Apps with an integrated app launcher. 

Features in Chrome Beta are "a little rough around the edges," as noted on the browser's download site, but give users a chance to play with Google's fancy tools before they are released to the public. If you wish to download Chrome Beta to try out these functions for yourself, be aware that they may not always work smoothly. You can download the beta browser from Google's Chrome site.