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Chrome Browser to Sync Across Devices and Save Web Pages

Beginning this week, Chrome browser users will have the convenience of syncing their tabs, bookmarks, extensions and even back buttons across their devices. So if you use a computer at work, you can pick up your browsing at home right where you left off.

And if you have a phone running Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich," you can sync Chrome on that device, too. (Google hasn’t said that Chrome will come to earlier Android versions.)

You must be signed into Chrome to sync. Go to the wrench icon in the upper right of the browser window and sign in with your Google account. Here, you can choose to sync everything or use the advanced settings to select from a list of items, including apps, history and themes. Or just use the "everything" default setting.

Google said that while all users will be updated to the new version of Chrome over the next several days, the syncing-across-devices feature will roll out more slowly over the next several weeks.Chrome may also appear in the Apple App Store by the end of June, if this week's rumors prove correct. While there are alternatives to Safari (the default browser for iPhone, iPad  and iPod touch) such as Opera Mini, Chrome could be the first widely used browser to compete. 

One to try: New BO.LT Chrome extension

In the meantime, you might like to try out the new Chrome extension from BO.LT, a Pinterest  alternative that lets people save entire Web pages — permanently. No more worrying that a page will disappear from the Internet. (And unlike with Pinterest, your saved pages can be hidden from public view.) You can still share your page to Pinterest, Facebook , Twitter and Tumblr, or just keep it for yourself on BO.LT. You'll need an invitation to join BO.LT (Send your request to and then download the extension from the Chrome Web Store.  

The BO.LT button will appear next to Chrome's wrench icon. Next time you see something great — on any synced device — click it to open the window where you can bolt and share.

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