BlackBerry Thumbs Beware of The Xtensor

Do you suffer BlackBerry thumbs or textingitis? Is your wrist aching from constant mouse and keyboard use? The Xtensor has the geek relief you need.

Excuse the infomercial-sounding introduction, but it was just too good to resist. The Xtensor, or the Fingermaster, as we are calling it internally, arrived in our offices yesterday. The "exercise device" is supposed to help people recover from BlackBerry thumb or other wrist or hand injuries, and it both strengthens and rehabilitates.

This Terminator-esque contraption straps around the wrist, while individual rubber strings slide onto fingertips to provide resistance. We could describe the glove for hours, but we suggest you check out our "exercise " video below to see it in action.

The Xtensor—like your type-happy fingers—comes at a cost. $39.95, to be exact. Has our workout video convinced you to buy one?