BlackBerry Style Reviewed: A Flip Phone with Smarts

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BlackBerry Style 9670 RIM is bringing the clamshell back. The new $99 BlackBerry Style 9670 on Sprint takes the once-ubiquitous flip phone design and adds a full QWERTY keyboard, a good camera, and speedy smart phone software to the equation. It’s a surprisingly good choice for Sprint BlackBerry users who like the design and need an upgrade.

In our 3.5-star BlackBerry Style review, we note that the form factor is actually quite functional and the revamped BlackBerry 6 OS makes the device speedy and responsive. While the QWERTY keyboard could be better, it works well enough for people without big thumbs. Another thing that adds value is the 5-megapixel camera, which takes good shots full of color and detail

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  • Me Says:

    People from Apple will be shocked to find out that a vast majority of people do not one to carry around a 4.5inch piece of glass as a phone. I like BB !

  • Blackberry developers Says:

    The first thought I had after reading this was that the developers don't know what to devise more. But than I was struck by the idea that I like this device as I'm really fond of flips and QWERTY keyboard. :)

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