10 Biggest BlackBerry 10 Annoyances

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The BlackBerry 10 OS is really like nothing else in the smartphone world. The new Flow interface on the Z10 lets you multitask with ease, and the BlackBerry Hub helps you keep tabs on everything from incoming emails and BBMs to Facebook and Twitter updates in one place. I also love the new flick keyboard, even if the pop-up suggestions can be distracting.

As with any new platform, though, there's bound to be kinks. I'm not talking about obvious things like missing apps. There are several small but meaningful changes BlackBerry should make to its software that would make life a lot easier on users. Here are my top 10 BlackBerry 10 annoyances.

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Mark Spoonauer, LAPTOP Editor in Chief
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  • tester Says:

    Please Update, Delete Or Mention In The Article That "The Annoyances" Are Solved And Don't Exist Anymore!!!
    Using BB OS 10.3.

  • nabeel Says:

    Do you even 10.3.3 bro?! No, seriously, update your phone.

  • noneed Says:

    Most of the thing this "editor" posted are waaaaaayyy too old now, please look it up most of the thing are now updated, you can control music player whilst multitasking, booting takes only 30-40 seconds,BlackBerry world now shows the open button directly, I naver had problem closing apps, just swipe from bottom and easily it goes and its good they didn't give quick option for airplane mode or in android you accidentally pressed it. Have to waste 30 seconds to turn it off-on,
    I've used many android sets and BlackBerry os10 is far better than most sets running android 4-4.4

  • markiedenu Says:

    As people say, this article is misleading now. The author is not responsible enough to change or re-review the BB10 OS updates, he could have deleted this article or change it because there are some readers that might actually believe that this article is so current.

  • Ranadeep Says:

    Your 10 don't exist now. You better delete it and write new one on current.

  • frigme Says:

    You want to know what's frigging annoying? The article is called 10 annoyances but only lists 1. Perhaps I'm supposed to navigate somewhere in the frigging article but it's full of frigging ads making it frigging impossible to frigging navigate!

    Never coming here again ...

  • Sam Says:

    None of these comments are relevant any more; the OS has undergone substantial changes since the first iteration. This post should probably be taken down as it is misleading now.

  • sam Says:

    I think all of these things have been addressed in later versions of the OS (I can't speak to the map in landscape mode as i have the Q10 which has a 1:1 screen ....)

  • Daedalus Wren Says:

    So, when is the re-review of the newest OS update? That would be the responsible thing to do for any respectable reviewer. Make your "annoyances" known the update to the newest OS and review again to show where the OS has gone in a year. Well, perhaps respectable would be too much to ask from one so attached to their android or iOS, but at least you can reverse your opinions on the issues you already pointed out then. In truth you are comparing apples to Blackberries. Like comparing tele-tubies to a computer. One is purely geared to entertainment and lacks any true security and the other is a rock solid die hard performer that has your back. IMHO I will be looking forward to your second review here though.. that should be entertaining...

  • Andrew Says:

    Any phone that allow you to take a picture that is stored on that phone while it is locked is a security risk.

  • Oscar_E Says:

    Mark. I think you should update to the latest BB10 OS which is 10.2.1 where all of this annoyances have been addressed, it's working like charm now, it auto suggest, apps close smoothly etc. Try it!

  • Kurtis Says:

    Let's just say I don't like your article

    Reason 1: I don't know what you mean by no auto complete. If the contact is in your address book, the email address should come up.

    Reason 2: Since the OS update 2+ months ago, the drop-down menu is completely customizable and airplane mode is definitely an option.

    Reason 3: as long as you do the swipe properly and don't get lazy, it still works every time, even in landscape. If it doesn't, that's a human error, not the device.

    Reason 4: I don't what you mean, again. Perhaps the phone you've used is run 10.1 or something, because you can definitely open the app immediately as you complain about not doing.

    Reason 5: I never use maps, so I don't have an point to make. However, there are third party map apps that work better than the one that comes with the device (speaking to your inexperience with BB10, no fault there)

    Reason 6: Good point. Although it's usually never more than 5 minutes for me.

    Reason 7: this one passes me off. This is basic stuff. Press and hold volume key to change songs, press the middle key to play/pause. One of my favorite features on my Z10. Maybe try to learn about it a bit before posting a complaint like that.

    Reason 8: I admit, it is cool to swipe. That is the only legit thing on your list, besides maybe boot time, although who ever boots their phone unless it's for a software update?

    Reason 9: drag down from the top for settings. Menu on the right is immediate options for the page. The left is different pages in the app. I don't know what you're complaining about. It's quick and easy to use.

    Reason 10: BlackBerry 10 is not iOS. You can't complain about it because it doesn't work the same way. No, you can't delete an email in one f*cking touch (it's 2) from with the open email, but there are other, quicker ways that are just as efficient and more useful in many situations. Example: in the hub, if you see a pile of junk email, press, hold, slide your thumb (or finger) to the checkmark box on the right. Then tap every email you don't want, and tap delete. Gone. Or if you want just one out without opening it, tap, hold, and pull down to the trash can in the bottom right corner. Equally gone.

    Next time you review BlackBerry 10, make sure you have a recent update, and that you're in BlackBerry mindset. Don't judge based on another OS, judge it for the experience and what it is. I have a few complaints and only the quick camera one was addressed here. Make actual complaints and I'll appreciate it, nitpicking for inconsistencies to what you're used to is unfair and dishonest (and a couple of times totally wrong). Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Chandramouli Daga Says:

    Mr. Spoonauer,

    A well written article from the language standpoint. As far as the annoyances go, you have seriously not updated to the latest OS 10.2.1 which actually allows you to choose your settings for the drop down menu. As far as the rest of the annoyances are concerned, this is a new OS which you are clearly not used to. You are expecting the functionality of an Android, iOS or a Windows device which is not what Blackberry 10 all about. You have to open up your mind, Mr. Spoonauer. You are a writer by choice. A bit more maturity & intelligence is expected from you after 'nearly 15 years' of experience.

  • zach Says:

    Guys, calm down, he did this review on April 2013, at that time even 10.1 was just released!
    I would like him to re-review the smartphone with the latest available OS i.e.

  • Ron Says:

    1. My Z30 looks up contacts as I type.
    2. Quick Settings allows you to define what you want in the settings dropdown. I have 11 options available with a down swipe.
    4. I have Open as an option in my BBW installed apps.
    5. The default Blackberry maps works in landscape and portrait on my Z30.
    6. The boot process takes a long time as the boot loader does a checksum on the OS files to make sure that none have been tampered with. Since there is between 1-2GB of OS files, then it takes time to check them. This is for security and why you can't root a BB10 phone. The other OS's don't check thier files which is why they boot faster and can be rooted.
    9. There are not two settings menus. The left side is for menu options and right is for settings to do within a menu option for the selected item.
    10. How often do you use Bcc? Rarely used options should not clutter the screen.

    I suspect that you haven't done your homework and tested the latest version of BB10, but using what your US carrier allows you. The rest of the world is using an updated version of BB10 that solves your issues and then some. If you had checked the most recent OS release available, you would have a very short list of annoyances.

  • Bor Says:

    What OS are you on?10.0??
    I'm on 10.2.1 and most of these things that annoy you had been fixed.
    Like airplane mode and auto complete emails. If you want to do a review, do some research first, please. No more biased media...

  • Kersus Says:

    My biggest annoyance is the upper limit on email accounts. The hub is mostly worthless to me and my old 9300 could actually handle a bigger workload re:email accounts.

    The next biggest annoyance is the utter lack of touch-responsiveness in the corners.

  • Dwayne Says:

    Little annoyances are costing blackberry millions in sales, because people dont like spending their hard earned money on annoyances

    other annoyances listed below

    1. Cannot make a call to contact from within their contact info from within whatsapp
    2. Absence of status bar but mainly absence of battery percentage permanently displayed on screen, there is enough vertical real estate for it.
    3. re-arranging on home screen icons is a pain, I remove an icon from top right hand of screen and the next icon just pops right into that space i was making available for a totally different icon.
    4. Call list of my contacts only displays their name and not the number simultaneously, makes sense to display both in call logs. Also while in call logs, and I click a contact, it instantly calls the person, how ridiculous.
    5. Migrating from iphone or android youll be very dissappointed with lack of apps, I have grown dependent on yellow pages app
    6. setting are purely lacking with this unit, suppose I want to enable virabtion feedback with keypress, its not available.

    Blackberry needs to update these issues very fast, and I do not mean with a new handset but with software updates.

  • HerpDerp40 Says:

    These aren't annoyances, these are little things you are doing to make BlackBerry and the Z10 look bad. These are things that nobody noticed until YOU showed them.

    Most of these issues have been fixed recently and with 10.1

  • Adam Says:

    Hi there,

    I would disagree with everything you've pointed out with the exception of landscape mode for more essential apps, quicker camera access from the lock screen, email auto complete for non-localised contacts and the changing of the lock screen full keyboard to that of an alphanumeric keypad.

  • eri Says:

    About the email autocomplete: it works with my local contacts. For other names i have to hit the search button to ask the corporate addressbook.
    I agree on the camera-delay. If it wasn't for the Pin, it would be faster to unlock and open the camera by app
    Also can i add the rather small battery? It seems to go from 50% to 10% in like 30 minutes.

  • cioToronto Says:

    To be perfectly honest I find most of your "Annoyances" rather unimportant. First and foremost, my email auto population works every single time. Second, not having airplane mode on the drop down menu makes sense considering you'll put rotation lock on multiple times a day. 90% of people may use airplane mode twice a year. The boot time is hysterical. Seriously, if the device takes a minute to boot instead of 30 seconds, is that really going to have a large impact on your day? Especially considering you save seconds every single time you respond to any message on your BlackBerry 10 device. In the end, the BlackBerry 10 device saved you way more time in communication than it cost you in boot up. All in all, your long story short complaint is that BlackBerry 10 isn't android or iOs and that's music to my ears, because it's about time someone came out with a proper communication device, that can also do all the media stuff we've come to expect from our smartphones. Not like these toy android and iOs devices that sure, you can watch movies, but they are garbage when it comes to actually being a tool for communication and efficiency.

  • Sinhue Herrera Says:

    Hahaha I think you are over acting, at the end, this is a different platform my dear, and it's new, is not perfect, none of them are, so relax.

  • Alan Says:

    I agree with nearly all points mentioned but my z10 is such an awesome device that I don'care. My biggest issue is the duplicate contacts list that I cannot figure out how to fix. Several other annoying little issues with contacts is all that bothers me as I am a heavy, business user and don't have the time to play with my phone. Also, the iPhone looks so sad next to it that I simply love it :)))

  • Trini-34 Says:

    Thank you for your input. I have a couple of issues with some of your findings.
    1. The email address do auto populate, I am not sure why yours is not.
    2. Camera from the lock screen. Why are you comparing it to a different platform, just enjoy the device for what it is. A new BlackBerry Platform and that's it.
    3. Do you know of a BlackBerry product that boots fast? So, why are you expecting it from this device (yes it is a new OS but it is still BlackBerry)
    4. Being able to open an app after downloading an app from BB-World. Is that really a "problem"? For real? Wow. I do not see a problem with that because this device can "truly" mulitask so jumping into a different app from BB-World is a breeze.
    Now I do agree with you on closing an app when in landscape mode, I do sometime have issues with this. Other than that...

  • CC Says:

    I don't have a Z10, but I am thinking of getting one (or the Q10). I do know that BlackBerry has been very responsive to feedback and have already done an upgrade to fix some of the stuff that has been bothering people like the gmail sync and some some stuff to the messaging. This feedback is good critical feedback and should be sent to BB to see how responsive they are. I don't think they want stuff to behave like a iPhone or an Android phone so if the criticism is 'it doesn't do it like an iPhone' then that is not a good reason for them to change - it's got to improve the user experience in their OS paradigm. Concerning startup: My understanding is that the phone's file system and everything is completely reformatted and setup for encryption (even if you are not encrypting your data) and so it has to do with security (same thing with something simple like a delete - there is no SQLlite caching or pseudo-bit flip delete - it is gone and it has to do with security - cops don't like this). Concerning multi-tasking (and I have only fooled with the phone at a store): It seems to me that you could actually be running 2 music apps at the same time (you should try to do this and see what happens) which means both tasks are either sharing audio resources or blocking each other out - so it's up to you which app you want to mute or pause - an enhancement/feature could be for the app itself (which is running) to detect a press and pause (when it is sort of running in widget mode) - apps should have much more freedom to directly communicate with each other in this type of OS. Anyway, interesting article.

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