10 Best Space Apps in the Universe

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While many apps are designed to help organize your life or simply pass the time, a number also seek to bring the glory of the cosmos into the palm of your hand. Here's a list of 10 standout astronomy and skywatching apps that can help expand your universe.

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  • vasanthi Says:

    I like this why mean I want to see our galaxy

  • Anoop Says:

    I think you should also check Awesummly app. Its a news app and I am using this from last one year.

  • Joan Rollison Says:

    Why don't you have the app for computers. I love looking at the stars,planets and galaxys. I can't use my phone because it gets hot after awhile.
    Please consider having a app for computers.

    Thank you,
    Joan Rollison

  • Roger Evans Says:

    Hello, Re: Space Apps. You missed out one of the best ones, MOBILE OBSERVATORY App developed in Germany. It's outstanding and very reasonably priced.
    Kind regards, Roger

  • Mahipal Nehra Says:

    Thanks !! Discover the fascinating relation between time and the cosmos. Enjoy this interactive learning tool and understand the concept of the celestial sphere and the apparent movement of the sky.

    COSMIC WATCH is the worlds first and most advanced interactive 3D astronomical time device in the digital age!

  • Tammy.Broli Says:

    Thank you!I love it.This puts us all into a new 'dimension 'of knowledge

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