Lenovo Shows Off Wild Bendable ThinkPad

In the not-to-distant future, your ThinkPad may not have any hinges at all. At the Lenovo Transform event in New York, the company showed off an ambitious concept bendable laptop.

 Christian Teismann, senior vice president of commercial business at Lenovo introduced the new project, which was only available as a rendering and not a physical prototype. Notably, it has a large, bendable display and there's no touchpad to be found (though the TrackPoint nub is still there). 

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The slide shows it folded in half, but is otherwise vague. It claims to be "always connected," which could point to some E-Sim announcements recently made by Intel and Qualcomm, and that you can write on it and speak to it. It's also made of "advanced materials."

The company also announced that it will be making a 25th Anniversary ThinkPad that will release in October. Teismann said it will have features from the past and the most powerful components of the present, but showed no images and gave no other specifics.

Photo: Avram Piltch / Laptop Mag

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