Asus: No Plans to Sell XG Station 2 Graphics Amp in U.S.

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We were wowed by the Asus ROG XG Station 2 gaming amp when we saw it at Computex last summer, but nearly a year later, you still can't buy one in America. Now, the company has told us that it currently has no plans to release the amp in the U.S., though it is already for sale in several other countries. 

A PR rep said that the company will revisit its decision in a couple of months so it's still possible that we may see the XG Station 2 for sale in the U.S. If you want, you can buy one an XG Station 2 on eBay right now from Italian or Australian vendors, whose prices range from $685 to $933. However, that's a lot of money for the hardware without an actual graphics card.

Why did we get so excited about it? Asus' second iteration of its stand alone graphics amp has the potential to support any system with a Thunderbolt 3 port. So no matter if pint-sized 2-in-1 or a giant 18-inch desk anchor, almost any system has the ability top-notch gaming machine.

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Furthermore, if your system features a beefy Intel Core i7-CPU, by hooking up the XG Station 2: you can transform your PC into a VR-ready machine.

xg station 2 side view 675403However, there are a couple caveats to consider. Even if the XG Station 2 was available for $300, the original MSRP Asus quoted us, that number doesn't include the price of the GPU you're going to need to power your games. That means you're still going to need an additional $600 or so in order to get a card like the Nvidia GTX 1080.

xg station 2 opened up 675403While the main requirement for the XG Station 2 to work is a Thunderbolt 3 port, each PC maker will need to work with Asus on some software to ensure full compatibility. Only Asus laptops are guaranteed to work with it.

xg station ports 675403Even so, Asus' XG Station 2 looks to be a lot more adaptable than something like Alienware's graphics amp, which requires a proprietary cable and connector in order to send data from the amp to your PC. Razer also sells the Core graphics amp for $499.

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  • Jesse Says:

    I've look everywhere but I can't find when this product is going to be released and can be bought online.... Anyone know?

  • Nicholas Says:

    Was the price for this already confirmed? This is the only mention of the 300$ tag.

  • Arnt Vegard Arntzen Says:

    It looks like the air is sucked in at the top with 3 small fans. The thing that conserns me is how asus can advertise with their zenbooks beeing vr ready with this. The i7s their using are only 2cores (threads) and not all games run 2 core cpus. Most games have lower fps with 2 cores than 4 cores. I love the idea that i can have a laptop, which can game like an desktop, but an expenzive laptop is needed ( especially if it is an ultrabook which i use) i still think it will be cheaper than bying a good utltrabook, and a beast desktop.

  • kageshi Says:

    The way those parts are compact in there have me at a concern. My nvidia 960 has some serious heat issues so I have that thing as far away from my CPU and MOBO so the heat doesnt jump to those parts. but with its Micro chassis, you;d really have to take a look at how the air flow is trying to prevent wide-spread overheating.

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