Asus Eee PC 4G Windows XP Version To Be Available at Best Buy for $399 In April

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windowseeepc.jpgWhen we spoke earlier this month with Asus CEO Jerry Shen, he revealed that Windows XP versions of the Eee PC would be coming to market soon. At the time we were so interested in the new 8.9-inch versions that we forgot to ask about the 7-inch version. According to Asus, the Asus Eee PC 4G Windows XP version of its notebook will be hitting the U.S. retail market in the first half of April. The hardware of the system will remain exactly the same, but it will run Windows XP Home. The 7-inch screen system will be available at Best Buy for $399 starting April 9th. We got our hands on the new XP system a few weeks early, check out our first impressions and a video of the system. The full specs of the system are below:
  • Colors: Pearl White, Black
  • LCD Size / Type: 7" Wide
  • LCD Resolution: 800 x 480 (~WVGA)
  • LCD Type: TFT
  • Graphic: Intel UMA
  • Chipset: Intel Mobile Chipset
  • Processor: Intel Mobile CPU
  • Memory: 512MB DDR2
  • S.S.D Storage (Solid State Disk): 4GB
  • OS: Windows XP Home Preloaded
  • Software: MS Works, Windows Live
  • Audio: High-Definition Audio CODEC
  • Microphone: 1 Internal Microphone
  • Speakers: 2 Internal Stereo Speakers
  • Audio Jack-Out (3.5mm)
  • Audio Jack-In (3.5mm)
  • Wireless Included: 802.11 b/g
  • LAN / Connector: 10/100 Mbps / RJ-45
  • 3 USB 2.0 ports
  • Memory Card Reader: MMC/SD(SDHC)
  • VGA Port 1 (D-sub 15 pin)
  • Integrated Camera
  • Battery: four-cell 4400mAh
  • Battery Life: 2.8 hours
  • AC Adapter Output: 9.5V, 22W
  • AC Adapter Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz universal
  • Unit Weight: 2.0 lbs (with battery)
  • Unit Dimensions: 8.86 x 6.30 x 0.79 ~ 1.26 inches
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  • Thailand Expertperty Expert Says:

    All those people nervous about the circumstances in Thailands capital, let me advice you, don't go there!

  • M.Kasday Says:

    My mighty little 4G surf and its journey.

    Well I guess I could be considered a "power user". I have a 4G that I purchased last April for use while being deployed, on training, or TDY. I originally was using the stock OS (xandros Linux) and was pretty content. After all I had only planned to use this for basic pc needs (IM, email, PDF, etc) I didn't need to break my back with my other laptop, just for the day to day back and forth home/work etc.

    Well it didn't take long before I started to use this thing for my other tasks, this prompted me to install XP Pro SP2 upgraded to SP3 trimmed off the fluff, installed the core apps that I needed and still had about a gig of space. I added an 8GB high speed card that I have most of my large apps installed on. I create my own music when I am blessed with a little spare time, and I use Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 with my US-122, and use Absynth 4 a virtual synthesizer application MIDI'd into the US-122 Audio interface.

    With Absynth 4 running at the same time as Cakewalk and I have been able to record up to 24 to 32 mono tracks (44.1Khz) going w/modest DSP usage from Cakewalk (simulated effects, and other filters etc) and no Dropouts. Usually I apply them post. I am truly Impressed with this thing and I haven’t even added more RAM yet or the, add-on SSD.

    A year later and I am away from home again for six months doing training, I drove this time, so I brought with me a 19" monitor, a keyboard, mouse, DVD burner, and my Keyboards (I decided not to go virtual synth this time.) and I leave it all setup in the hotel room.

    By day I am using my 4G for studying and for work related issues. By night I am recording and surfing the web, watching movies, all the things you would do on a desktop computer. On the 19" monitor I have the resolution set to 1280 by 1024 and the Eee PCs screen 800 x 600 with the scrolling effect (vertical) the little screen is nice to monitor the process of background tasks while the large monitor for the foreground tasks.

    With this setup I forget that I am using a portable DVD sized computer. I have an external HDD for data storage, and no joke with the use of USB splitters 2 of them 7 to 8 devices running on this thing at one time! This is the future of computing I think. Small powerful laptops that are force multiplied with the use of external devices.

    To my fellow Eee PC'ers out there Rock on!


  • sartaj khan Says:

    the asus eee pc sewries is net good product. he's very jhund

  • Frederick Says:

    I just bought a 4g. Wanted the 8g but there are none left in all of Thailand or Singapore. My girlfriend went out and bought them but the problem is she bought the one with Windows XP on it. What all did they yank out of this and I already know I have to upgrade the memory on it since it came with 512 mb and I know that already sucks. So what is in this package for the xp system? Will I have to waste space on that small ass 4 gig ssd just to make it run normal? Given yes I carry around my external hard-drives with me I have several 500 gigs and a few 300 gig hard-drives. Will they offer anything on those packages that make it worth while? Or would I be better off getting it and trying to get the Linux os put back on it?

  • Connor Says:

    My first feelings are anger and frustration...I bought the linux version from best buy a month ago and want xp and its like 200 bucks... now i find that they come with xp for the same price...they should offer a program for a free version of xp for people who just bought it...or at least be able to buy a copy for like 40 bucks or something...

  • Windows XP Says:

    I don't really like the look of it. It looks like a little kid's toy that looks like a real laptop that works. But don't get me wrong, Asus Eee PC laptops/computers are very nice. I can't wait for the new line of them soon! ;)

    Also, for the performance wise, its not very good either. Sorry Eee PC!

  • DianeHelen Says:

    Ya, but what happens after 2010, to the eee home users that went with it because of XP and now have NO support?

    The idea of a linux based wee-puter I think is more appealing to the general public that many believe. Many are annoyed, frustrated, and just over MS and something with a relatively easy (mode) OS that lets them surf the net, do email, skype with video on the non surf models, do documents, IM, and everything else the general user does, and with NO licence fees to worry about, NEW and FUN open source software out every day, and NO expiration, I agree, that linux may be on target to gobble up much of the MS market in coming years. The training wheels are coming off, and the general public is becoming more and more savvy every day.

    And ISNT it about time!

    I got my eee recently and with some GREAT user forums, and help, I got it to advanced mode, totally customised the way I want/need, and it surfs the web LIGHTENINGLY fast.. faster than my Compaq XP full size notebook. I can do graphics, documents, email, IM, surf, remote connect to my home system. I am totally impressed with the lil dude... and it fits in my backpack without breaking my back

    Orlando, FL

  • Jerry Says:

    See Mirosoft’s news to offer XP through at least June 2010 to low-cost laptops such as the Eee at:

  • Dave Donaldson Says:

    As to how much Asus is having to pay MS for the new version of Windows XP Lite...I'm sure it's under $5.00 a seat - if it's anything at all!

    Microsoft is not about to allow a product to proliferate into great popularity without having its OS on it. That's why they joined in with OLPC, and asisted Parallels development on the Apple, etc., etc., etc. And it wouldn't surprise me it it turned out that Mark Zbikowski's move to Parallels was at the behest of Bill G. It has to be very important to MS that they keep their products running on Apple products too.

    MS can't afford to allow ?nix to take market share.

    But in my humble opinion, BSD and Linux will eat Windows in the next five years. It has the stability, simplicity, longevity and technical excellence that Windows by design can never have.

  • Barry Says:

    I have had a EEE PC (4G Surf) since December and I still really like it. It was $349 and continues to be used whenever and whereever I can. Only beef is with public wifi sites that only connect to Windows and web sites that don't support my operating system for streaming video. But as far as regular youtube and web mail and some doc management it is so much more useful than I would have thought. Bought a cheap small usb mouse for when I am editing docs. Only real need is for a battery that lasts "all day". Would be so handy.

    Big screen heavy laptops for $500 are no problem to get but still a problem for me to carry. Too big and with a brick power supply, much too heavy.

    My 2 pence.

  • Jeff Says:

    Don't be all down on the EeePC, yall. Sure, you can get a big notebook for the same price. That's not the point. The EeePC is for someone who WANTS a tiny tiny laptop. I use one as my only home computer, and it's really useful for travel, especially for giving talks at conferences (it has a VGA-out). It seriously is as easy to carry around with you as a small paperback book. I'm using linux, not windows, so the speed and memory limitations are not really an issue, and you get used to the screen size (well, I have; my wife hasn't). And, it has two other advantages: (1) Very low power consumption (and quiet) -- It has the smallest carbon footprint you can get because of the SSD instead of a harddrive, low voltage processor, and a tiny 9.5V ac adaptor (the same size as a cell phone charger) (2) It's well-designed and pretty! People really do croon over it.

  • Chris Boss Says:

    I have been following news about the EEE PC for awhile and finally an XP version.

    The small footprint of the solid state drive is not a problem for those of us who write software designed to run on such systems. While most software development companies are producing software which requires CD's and DVD's to distribute their software, there are still some who are writing software which can fit on a floppy disk (or a small USB drive). I currently use the Powerbasic compiler (and my own tools) to develop software and a program larger than 1 meg in size is huge IMO.

    If the XP version of the EEE PC has even 1 gig free disk space that is a lot IMO.

    I wonder if the EEE PC comes with a backup CD of XP or they expect you to create your own backup somehow ?

  • Neil Worton Says:

    Sorry I forgot to say, you should click on my name and it will take you to the website where this and other utilities and discussions take place.

  • Neil Worton Says:

    Anyone with a problem with the screen size/res should check out a great utility for XP written especially for the EeePC. It allows you to get 1000x600 on that small screen and it's still very readable.

  • RandomInsano Says:

    Story is interesting. I've been wanting one awhile, just fighting between want and need. Probably will wait for the 9" since 800x480 is a joke of a resolution (My Sharp Widenote from '96 has 1024x800). If it does come to retail outlets I'll be a happy man. The more people who buy them, the more popular the form factor will become.

    As far as David's post, EVERYONE should disable the swap file, space saving or not. Flash memory can only be written to a finite amount of times; no point to wear it out over nothing. Buying more RAM is the better choice.

  • David Says:

    I have been trying to decide between the Eee 4G or waiting for the 9". Of course, the price will drive the decision, but in the meantime I did some experimenting on a laptop with an operating system for the Eee. I took my retail version of XP Pro which I am not using right now, streamed SP3rc into it and used nLlite to compress it. I got the installation down including some third party apps which you would want (pdf reader, etc.) to about 2 Gig. To get it this small, you must turn off the page file and rely on RAM. I have a Gig of RAM and it runs fine and there's plenty of room left with 4 Gig; but of course, you are going to put your data on something removable. SD is cheap enough and internal.

    The thing that drove me crazy after awhile, was having to scroll so much with the Eee 7" res specs. I'm not used to that, so maybe I would get used to it. Some of those Windows "windows" can be hard to work with at such low res. The 9" maybe worth it just to cut down on having to scroll so much.

    I think $500.00 is about all they can hope to eventually charge for the 9", because you probably will want more RAM and realistically, you will want a USB ext. DVD. So go much over that and I will learn to scroll.

  • allong22 Says:

    will there be a 1GB RAM and 8GB SSD version as well?

  • ryan Says:

    I hope they increase the standard 4gb ssd, with a 8, 12 gb. After windows is installed and the updates, you'll be lucky it all fits on there. Storage isn't a big deal, you can get a 8-12 gb for around $80, but getting all the patches and service packs to fit is going to be tricky. I really want an eee, i have been waiting for the 9" screen.

  • Mark Larson Says:

    I'm really really looking forward to the 900, since I need it to be more of a laptop replacement.

    I can't wait! If the HP 2133 comes out first I just might have to order that instead.

  • retard Says:

    MS will flood market with Windows to dominate OS market share. They rather have people using Windows then some unfamiliar OS. Linux was made for and is still for power users. No normal person would run Linux.

  • Scirocco Says:

    # cartufer Says:
    What interests me the most is that the linux eee of same hardware is the same price, how is asus paying for windows licensing?

    I read that Asus negotiated with MS to get the cost down to something like $40 so that the price would be competitive for the Windows-based model.

  • cartufer Says:

    What interests me the most is that the linux eee of same hardware is the same price, how is asus paying for windows licensing?

  • WeiS Says:

    "A $399 laptop from Best Buy is news!? The laptop I’m using right now is a $379 Acer Aspire 3680 from Best Buy. I got it last year. Intel Mobile processor, 80GB HD, wireless, 512MB memory, which I upgraded to 2GB for $65. Did a fresh install of the operating system. This thing is FAST. All you ever need is a $300-something laptop, then upgrade the memory."

    Yes that's right! And if you consider how many Eee PCs your Acer is worth BY WEIGHT, it's a real bargain!


  • blackwash0 Says:

    This is certainly an interesting price. I'm looking forward to the linux based eee price going down with this news. And hopefully with this new announcement, the 900's price will be given.

  • chrisco Says:

    A $399 laptop from Best Buy is news!? The laptop I'm using right now is a $379 Acer Aspire 3680 from Best Buy. I got it last year. Intel Mobile processor, 80GB HD, wireless, 512MB memory, which I upgraded to 2GB for $65. Did a fresh install of the operating system. This thing is FAST. All you ever need is a $300-something laptop, then upgrade the memory.

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