Asus: 2017 Brand Report Card

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The second-place brand, Asus, offers the best combination of value and performance of any laptop brand. After all, what other company makes a sub-$400 laptop with a solid-state drive and a 1080p screen, or a sub-$700 system that has a 256GB SSD and weighs just 2.7 pounds? On the high end, few laptop-makers can compete with Asus’ blazing-fast gaming notebooks or its innovative Ultrabooks. The company’s only major shortcoming is its weak tech support.


Asus' Key Strengths

  • Bang for the buck: No other brand consistently gives you as many premium features at such affordable prices.
  • Gorgeous designs: From sub-$200 Chromebooks to pricey gaming rigs such as the Asus ROG G701VI, Asus combines premium materials and attractive colors.
  • Oodles of innovation: A 2-pound laptop with tiny fans and a water-cooled gaming rig are just two examples.

Asus' Main Weaknesses

  • Poor support: Confusing web resources and semi-helpful support staff
  • None of your business: Asus has started dipping its toe into the commercial laptop space, but the company can't yet compete with the likes of Lenovo, Dell and HP.

Top-Rated Asus Laptops:


Reviews (30/35)

Asus jumped up one rank this year in reviews, from third to second. Of the 24 Asus laptops we tested, nine received an Editors’ Choice award. Twelve laptops earned a score of 4, while two got 4.5 stars. There were only two we didn’t recommend at all, at 2.5 stars. Some of our favorites included budget offerings, like the budget VivoBook E403SA, the powerful ZenBook Pro UX501VW and the ROG G701VI gaming machine.


Design (15/15)

With its sleek lines and eye-popping royal-blue aluminum, the ZenBook 3 is a great example of how Asus continues to bring the sexy. The company also continues to make beautiful gaming notebooks like the ROG G752 OC Edition, which eschew the typical red and black in favor of a counterintuitive gray and orange.


Perhaps Asus took things a bit too far with the blinding neon orange and black on the ROG Strix GL753, but it gets credit for pushing the color envelope. It even took a walk on the outlandish side with the GX800 and its detachable water-cooling dock.

But Asus deserves kudos for its lower-tier products like the F555LA or the Chromebook Flip, which look almost as premium as their more expensive counterparts. The company even found a way to add some durability with the Chromebook C202, which can survive falls from 3.9 feet and has a delicious white-and-blue aesthetic.

Support (14/20)

With a confusingly organized site, phone agents who take a long time to solve problems and inaccurate live chat, Asus' tech support offerings leave much to be desired. Still, we commend the company's staff on their unfailingly positive mood.

Innovation (9/10)

Asus continues to innovate with the best of them. Just look at the ZenBook 3, which is thinner than the 12-inch MacBook yet manages to cram in a full-power Core processor. That’s because Asus also manages to squeeze in a set of superthin heat pipes and a fan with blades that are just 0.3 millimeters thin. Asus also deserves credit for making its Chromebook C202 not only durable but easy to repair. When you add Asus’ water-cooled gaming beast, the GX800, to the lineup, you have a brand that continues to be on the bleeding edge.

Value and Selection (15/15)

Asus not only excels at making nearly every kind of laptop, but also consistently provides the best affordable laptops on the market. While most manufacturers make you pay over $600 for such premium features as a 1080p screen, an SSD and an aluminum chassis, Asus offers laptops like the VivoBook E403SA, which has all three for under $400. There are few ultraportable values like the ZenBook UX330UA, which packs a Core i5 CPU, 256GB SSD and 1080p screen into a 2.6-pound package.

The Taiwanese PC giant is a leader in mobile gaming, thanks to its powerful and innovative line of ROG (Republic of Gamers) laptops. It's also got the luxury Ultrabook market covered, with systems like the ZenBook 3, which weighs just 2 pounds and looks gorgeous in Royal Blue. Asus' extensive Chromebook line includes the C202, which can survive a 4-foot drop, and the affordable Chromebook Flip C202. The company even has a budding line of business laptops in its AsusPro line.

Warranty (3/5)

Asus provides a one-year limited warranty on all of its laptops, but depending on the system you get and the retailer you purchase it from, you may also get accidental-damage protection. The company gets a lot of credit for offering this protection for free, but unfortunately, it doesn't provide an easy way to figure out what models have the feature and at what stores you can find them. You'll have to check each individual retailer's product descriptions to find out.

Asus loses some points for failing to sell extended warranties in the U.S., though you can always buy a retailer's plan. It also gets a demerit for voiding your warranty if you upgrade your RAM or storage.

On the plus side, Asus pays for shipping if you have to send your laptop in for service. Just keep in mind that if you're using the accidental damage protection, you have to pay your own freight to send the machine in.

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  • Zanele Tshabalala Says:

    I bought my laptop this year july and now it just went off and it doesnt wanna be on

  • poor asus owner Says:

    I agree with "marc allum":
    If you are even thinking about buying ans Asus computer PLEASE DO NOT.

    The story is even worst when it goes for service; They are not able to fix what they built.

    They don't have a good Quality Control on what they sell. I returned more than 5 times a laptop to find a good one. Even with that I have sent it four times to service center in less than a year!

  • adam hardison Says:

    sounds like I need one, my asus9891 is great

  • Faith Says:

    I brought brand new G752VY-GC255T and the first day I noticed problems.
    Mouse pad faulty
    slower then my toshiba 2013 model
    froze a few times
    so I took it back where I brought it.
    They said all fixed
    I got home and within 10 min I noticed the same problems are there and more.
    bluetooth not working
    internet not connecting
    would not save
    and it compleatly wiped my kids photos since birth were on it and I eill never get them back. It has also messed with my phone when I put it in to charge it. Now my phone is brand new brought same day as computer.

    So I take the computer back and after two weeks they said it was seriously faulty and I have been upgrated to a GL753E-GC090T .

    I got the new computer today and just finished setting it up and relized I chose the wrong keyboard setting. So i type "k" and it comes up "a"
    simple mastake should be easy to fix. But I can not use the hole keyboard and mouse. So I get on my phone and contact online chat suport asus. Well fucking hell what a disgusting experience that was. He told me I needed to copy and past a link , he knows im on my phone so how do I do that. Uninstall drivers reinstal drivers and so on. Im like are you kidding he was so rude and told me it was my problem he has given all the advice he can. And he disconected chat. Hahaha pathetic. .. I have had two computers both over $2,000 each from asus in a month and already hate the brand. I have had my toshiba for6 years and never had a problem. And if I wanted to do anything I could get them to remote control my computer. Asus dont do that. Asus gabe me a 36 step guide to fix my problem. I fixed it buy contacting toshiba. Hahaha it was 3 steps in my settings . Fuck you asus

  • aprilyn a rogado Says:

    My laptop screens always turn-off. I adjust the screen sleep to never sleep but never happens it always turn off. How do i fix it.

  • cary foote Says:

    buyer beware had a hard drive issue 6 months after purchase. they replaced hard drive under 1 year manufacture warranty.4 months later new hard drive went again. tough luck warranty is over and not covered now. Asus said they would have to charge for not repairing it right the first time. Very unprofessional stay away.

  • Maxim Says:

    Do not buy ASUS. I bought and 2 times motherboard went dead. Read comments on FB from real people. Nothing but issues.

  • Eric E Says:

    DO NOT BUY ASUS! I have bought 2 asus devices. 1 was a laptop. Straight out of the box the USB ports were not working. Tracked it down to bad drivers for the USB 3.0 port. The "work around" was to disable the 3.0 drivers so at least the 2.0 ports would work. Then updated drivers came out. Still did not fix it. They shipped the laptop with bad drivers, yellow bangs in the device manager, and I had to troubleshoot the thing because the only thing support said was to restore it back to new even though it was broken new.

    The second device I bought was the "transformer prime." Bought it when it first came out. Specs said GPS. Metal body prevents the GPS from working. A couple weeks after I bought it, instead of coming up with a fix, they removed GPS from the specs. WiFi signal strength is also about half that of any other device in my home. Again the metal case messes it up. Then the final slap to the face, you cannot us bluetooth and wifi at the same time. If you want to watch netflix while listening with Bluetooth headphones, forget it. It will work at first but the wifi speed slows more and more until it just stops. Contacted customer support and they told me that the specs never said you could use both at the same time. As for the wifi signal problem, and gps, they just ignored my emails.
    I worked for a major computer hardware company doing hardware teasting. These problems would have been found right away with the most basic testing. Asus had to know these issues existed but instead of fixing the problems, the shipped the devices and let the customer deal with their defective junk and their non-existent support. ASUS takes the quick buck then discontinues the device, no longer providing support or updates to its customers. PLEASE, SAVE YOUR MONEY! AVOID ASUS

  • Black cats rule Says:

    Any consumer review report or "report card" that does not include evaluation of build quality and lifespan is ridiculously incomplete. Anone can compile a list of features, and most new products seem great right out of the box, although not all. What corners were cut in order to produce a laptop with the hottest bells and whistles, at an unexpectedly low price?

  • MIggan Fitzgerald Says:

    I bought the laptop back in February and I love it it works great for my business needs has great graphic the CD drive and everything with Asus is great had no problems with the laptop speed is great and all

  • Bartman Says:

    I bought this laptop that I am writing this on. I bought about a year ago because being old school I wanted a CD drive this was one of the few that Best Buy had (there were 4 others) but this one had the most memory for the price (around $350) I should have took it back the day I bought it. As soon as I brought it home opened the CD drive and the front plate fell off. It snaps back in place but keeps falling off. What cheap workmanship. Perhaps I should have bought some duct tape on the way home to keep it from falling apart. :)

  • Binoy Abraham Mathew Says:

    I have been Blessed to have a wonderful Asus laptop, which is a hardcore work laptop. Been using it for around 6yrs now and only had to replace the battery and charger. There was no other issues at all. I love the design and the speakers (beats any other laptops in office that are younger than this laptop). I am looking for a replacement, most likely will settle for another Asus. I have been using a Fujitsu laptop parallel and also had a Latitude (Dell), the latter had issues with its motherboard and display, which the excellent warranty covered. Would recommend Asus anytime.

  • Rabbit TOng Says:

    Asus sux. Driver not updated and laptop sell in the market.

    Asus A456U

  • neuland collier Says:

    is office 365 best for word? on rel 10

  • ArdenP Says:

    NEVER BUY ASUS. Their products fail and their customer service is the worst I’ve ever experienced!! My new $1700 ASUS laptop would only boot to the BIOS screen. According to Best Buy, where I purchased the laptop, the solid state harddrive containing my operating system had failed. ASUS told me to send in my laptop to have it repaired under factory warranty. The problem was is that I still had important data on the other drives, but I was not capable of backing this data up because my computer wouldn’t boot at all. I asked the customer service rep to include a statement that said to NOT perform any other repairs without contacting me or wipe data from the other drives. I also included this request in written form in the RMA paperwork shipped in with my laptop. After my laptop was returned, I discovered ALL of my drives had been wiped and contained no data. Now ASUS refuses to acknowledge they made any mistake, apologize, or make any attempt to compensate me for the fact they disregarded my request and deleted hundreds of gigabytes of valuable data. On top of that, they had the worst customer service ever!!!!!!!!

  • Avinash Says:

    I dint expected that asus will send a breakGe product. I had qualified for independence day scheme at first your company made me wait for more than one month. N now the boom box which they hav send is damage inside. So i ask help from u but they inform me that i hav to send it through courier n later u will pay if i have to spend more than 800 for qualifying ur gift yhan it was better u dnt gib it we r buying n we will but not ur product. Y i will take headache for ur issues.

  • marc allum Says:

    If you are even thinking about buying ans Asus computer PLEASE DO will hate it they are the total crap..I wasted my money on a heap of crap model number x550c and live to regret it every day I have to use it..

  • Apple is a lie Says:

    So far I've had a good experience with Asus because the laptops smoke the other PCs that are around the same price and I've had it for 5 years and I have no issues with it also the reason you guys have issues with Asus is due to the fact your using American versons which are lower spec than the imports and I would know this I tested them the imports are built better, and are around 2.8 times faster also more reliable. So if you buy an Asus buy in Mexico,on newegg,or on the Japanese domestic market because Americanized are knockoffs

  • noah burlison Says:

    my asus computer sucks to say the truth. i can not get on it at all. very poor computers. don't buy these POS'!

  • Sarah Says:

    Asus is beyond terrible with customer service. I purchased a Windows 10 touchscreen laptop last fall and it had a defective hard drive. I sent it in to Asus and they offered to replace it with a Windows 8 unit saying that I can go ahead and download Windows 10 myself. They even told me that my laptop originally came with Windows 8. I supplied proof that this was not the case with the original receipt that clearly states that the laptop was in fact a Windows 10 unit. I am apparently waiting for a call back from a supervisor. The last time they said they would call me back, they never did and I had to call them. I will not be purchasing Asus in the future. Is it really so much to ask for a company to stand behind their product and replace it with like kind and model in the event that a replacement is needed? I don't think so.

  • OrtzaismenNioz Says:

    Hello before 4 years i had bought the asus n75sf laptop same day i opened to play (skyrim) i had bluescreen same day i went back to store they kept the laptop and they told me i had to replace the gpu. After 7 days i had my laptop back fully working. When time passed around 4-5 months one day i open my laptop and the slash / button had something like i press it all time i had visit a local service store and he told me i had to send it to asus to replace my motherboard.. I had a contact with the service.. The guy told me that i broke it they key and that model never gets broken or any costumer had anny issues with that model and im the one that complaining. Well from my side i have to say broken gpu and broken motherboard after 4 months thats a hardcore damage i think its like i change my whole parts in it. Anyway i send it to them they gave me a repair report that had changed the motherboard and after 14 days i had it back. Now im typing this after 3.5 years i still have this laptop and dont have anyother problem. Im using it allday i play games like dirt/skyrim/Lol/warthunder/WoT non stop.. Now i have some money to spend to buy the new asus rog laptop with the gtx980m or the oposite of that the msi gtx980m around 2.3$ both of them price in greece. And even if asus is better ill give a go to msi.. Not to asus

  • Ayomide Says:

    Asus is the worst of the worst from speaker problems to charger to booting name it all u guys should start selling popcorn and stop with the low quality laptops. horrible company, horrible customer service horrible everything

  • Guruji ,65years old. Says:

    I purchased a Asus lap top A553M, for INR22,400-recently.I feel much now for my purchase.Brightness of the screen is not to be reduced.External Head set Mic is not working.I went to local service center also,where I noticed a poor service,with which I returned back.

  • Patricia Says:

    Asus makes extremely poor quality laptops. I have had problems with overheating, keyboard functionality, and start up of my laptop. They neglect to tell their costumers when technical difficulties occure. Overall someone is prabably better off not purchasing a laptop from asus at all. Invest your money and time into something that at least functions.

  • Surbhi chauhan Says:

    I am a asus notebook user.They are very low quality ,my laptop hinge was loose then the asus servic center repaired it and then after three weeks the hinge just snapped and they told me that they dont replace physical damage but still their servuce is damn slow ..they couldn't replace my notebook in a week also whereas they told me thaf it will not take more than 3 days ..their service when i spoke to a executive in asus they said they will take 21 days o delivervthe broken part ..their services are slow and asus products are not at all promising

  • Neha Yadav Says:

    It is gud but their are lots of problems. ... Their is no graphics quality the accuracy is not gud if we want to play any game, it not works plsssssss modify the Asus laptop and the battery life is low. ...All over it is not a gud laptop

  • Arvind Says:

    For those who are complaning with slow speeds replace your hard disk with new one. Your hard disk life is over by constant addition & deletion of data. I had problem on my i7 laptop that it took 15 minutes to boot.When I switched my hdd with ssd it booted in 2 seconds.

  • Gagan Says:

    spent over 950 for the asus f555 series on to know that it lived for 33 days in total. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS NOTEBOOK TO ANYONE.

  • chandrakanth Says:

    One of the worst laptop i have ever used exactly after one year there is problem in motherboard, graphic card and power switch.
    Now the ASUS service showroom asking me to pay 15000 for the service.
    My suggestion about ASUS please don't go with ASUS one of the cheapest hardware parts i have ever seen.

  • Al Taher Says:

    I bought an I core 7 asus laptop in January 2013 and found out that asus products are the worst ever ,very slow (Dead slow),bad customer name it, I really regret spending $1200 on a product that is worth nothing

  • Kilder Says:

    I've had a ASUS computer for about 11mos before it went completely blank on me and was never about to get to work again. I sent the company to the ASUS manufacturer and they offered to fix it for double the price I paid for the laptop so I had to return because it was under warranty with Geek Squad but after a month at Geek Squad they were unable to fix the laptop I was told that it needed a Windows8 Recovery Disk but ASUS refuse to sell it to me cuz they said they didn't have windows 8 recovery disk. I will never in my life buy anything made by that company

  • steve Says:

    ASUS are LIARS, il's impossible to make a Laptop UX501JW with graphic card NVIDIA GTX960M work in 4K definifion !!!! (4096 x 2160 pixels)
    I waisted my money for nothing buying this sh....t ASUS

  • Joshua Conteh Says:

    how can I fomate or flash my computer ...Asus: N1127(G)

  • Sanket Bidkar Says:

    I bought asus x550lc a year ago.. since then facing a problem of laptop charger. the charger I got is working well but its shape is worst than you think.. its like a mobile charger.. due to heavy weight on plug itself ,charger pins are bent... :(

  • Lordasaru Says:

    Asus makes good product I have $5000 worth of their devices, in many cases it how you used the device...their warranty varies depending on where you buy next time check the warranty terms before purchase

  • SoftEgg Says:

    I tried to do an out-of-warranty repair with Asus. They calculate the cost of the repair based on the age and cost of the system, and not what you want done. For a 5 year old, $1100 system they decided to charge $690.
    You can buy that system from Amazon now for $500.
    Needless to say, I declined the repair and am now hoping they return it to me as promised so that I can find some other way to repair.
    So, although I liked many things about my Asus system, because of their very overpriced repair service, I won't be purchasing them again.

  • umesh Says:

    dont purchase bcoz at the time of repair they are says that first mail the invoice and after confirmation of warranty go to service station.

    what happen to me ?
    i purchsed a laptop and my battery is draining very fast and not charged 100% so i call the customer care and as per their instruction i send the mail of invoice and serial no of my device. but they did not send me the approval of the warranty. i waited and call second time customer care they said that your warranty approval is in waiting. wtf is this. fully shit type of process. i have original soft and hard copy of purchase invoice. and one thing i didn't mention to you that i already registered my machine to their website after the purchase of one day. and i brought laptop 9 months ago and still waiting to their approval and using that faulty battery.

    i recommend not to but any asus laptop otherwise after paying so much money u have to wait and stand in Que.

    it is batter to buy from hp or dell laptops......

  • Asus is awful Says:

    Biggest pos I ever bought. I think it was built on a Friday because ever since day one I've had nothing but problems and it's slower than my 10 year old HP.

  • Mac Gordon Says:

    First off, I was a huge ASUS fan for a long time. I love the design, and the price point. I was once all-ASUS products. The G75VW laptop, ROG Vulcan Pro ANC headset, even their stainless steel gaming mouse and a mousepad because I wanted everything to be the same brand. I use these for personal use and business - so they are important for me. I would deal with a lot of crap just to have everything the same brand. But not as much crap as Asus has dished me.

    I have become so upset with their service I won't buy their products again. I understand products will break, I am okay with this. However, if your service is bloody awful, there is no forgiveness. A harddrive connection failure in my laptop led me to a 1-week turnaround quotation, which then took 25 days and cost me $450 for a manufacturer defect 1.5 years after purchase (only 1 year warranty). Not only this, their service reps couldn't even find my laptop's RMA on their systems for 2 weeks. In addition to that, they emailed me a shipment notification with a tracking number for some unknown courier when it was finished and a week later I called in wondering where it was to be told it was sitting waiting for pickup the whole time.

    Then the stainless steel mouse's cable became loose and it stopped working after 4 months, only a 60 days warranty so they wouldn't help me there, not problem i'll pay for a new cable. "Sorry sir, you'll have to buy another mouse"... Thanks Asus.

    Then my dog chewed through my Vulcan Pro audio/mic cable and Asus literally told me to go buy another $200 headset and that not even sending it to service under an RMA would help me. You can't sell a $200 product, have a $0.50 peice break and tell me to piss off. That is HORRIBLE Customer treatment. Yes I know generic products will work to replace the cable, but I didn't buy a $200 fancily-designed headset because I want generic bullshit on it. I want the braided, ROG-branded cable with mic and volume controls and I'm even okay to pay for it. I asked to pay for a replacement and they simply told me it was not possible.

    What's worse, 50% of the time I call these people I get hung up on. HUNG UP ON. The other 50% they do NOTHING to help me but string me around with excuses for 30 minutes. It's terrible.

    I have spent over $2000 on Asus products but Asus has failed me so many times I'm sick of it. Honestly, their products are pretty high quality and a great price, but their utter and complete lack of care for customers is so embarrassing and disrespectful that I can't do it anymore.

  • Wakilongo Says:

    I like Asus laptop but one thing is that I have failed to partition my Asus notebook X500M from GPT to MBR. So what am I supposed to do?

  • Parlour Says:

    I can't understand why people have so many issues with ASUS here. I've had a K43E for over 2 years now and have had no problems with it until a couple months ago, when my HDD broke (so I just bought a new one, put it on and everything's been fine again). And I use it a lot. I don't know what do these people do with their laptops that they get so much trouble with them.

  • Juanster216 Says:

    I have a 2011 Asus (Don't remember model)
    It works perfectly fine, even now, I think asus is the best computer brand, my battery life is 2 hours and the laptop has good speed, no lag and it barely gets viruses even though I get lots of stuff, I recommend this brand 100%


    Hello Sir
    This computer is always updating whenever I am doing very critical work, I am very much annoyed with this format and may have to switch to a different set if your company does not stop doing untimely updates, please advice. Thanks for your urgent reply.

  • Geo Says:

    You know its funny we are all customers and require customer service at some point. Sure why not bash and judge one entire company based on one bad interaction, with any company the tech support is either a hit or a miss. Today u may get the best guy at the centre the next, some guy that just got a disgruntled customer. No company is perfect but I can say for Asus they have improved and the do strive for better. As for the tech support rating if it is that the questions were more of OS based rather than notebook brand I think it would be hardly fair as most manufacturers would refer to Microsoft at the end of the day to provide support. Just my two cents

  • Krista Gibbons Says:

    My HP crashed and I needed a new laptop quick as I am in grad school-- I was sold an Asus because it had "great features" -- I have had it for about 4 weeks and I am ready to throw it out a window. It has been to 2 computer techs and I am on the phone with geek squad at least 4 times a week to trouble shoot things like " why do I need to reboot my computer every hour or the tabs and screen go white?" It was not cheap either so to have this many issues is simply unacceptable. DO NOT GET AN ASUS

  • Clawfish Says:

    I got an asus laptop Christmas 2013. Worked fine until maybe march 2014 the screen started going black Randomly. A few months later I had a friend tell me it was my motherboard. In December 2014 before my warranty was up I sent it back to asus to be repaired. I got it back right after New Years(2015)I tried to watch a movie on my laptop, the disc drive was broke. Id tired hundreds Of other discs nothing worked. I still have my laptop, but it irritates me that a big part of the reason I got the laptop was to play sims and watch movies in the car or anywhere, and after having my motherboard repaired my disc drive was shot. I know I will never get another asus laptop because of these issues

  • abdulkerim mohammed Says:

    very nice asus smartphone

  • marc Says:

    what ever you do please do not but these laptops..totally crap..anything but rubbish

  • mahadevan Says:

    I have a asus laptop and I download office 2010 and the excel not showing the gridlines. Please answer.

  • parsa hasehmi Says:

    I have ASUS N550 JK, the only problem is short battery life but it have a lots of advantages:
    1. Low weight
    2. Low thickness
    3. have a Subfooner for high quality sound
    4. two fans

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