Apple Music Finally Gets Chromebook Support

Every month we get news of Apple's services landing outside its walled gardens — be it on Alexa or Samsung Smart TVs — and it's almost not surprising anymore. The latest Apple app to cross the line is Apple Music, which has finally been approved for Chromebooks.

First spotted by Chrome Unboxing, the release notes for Apple Music's Android app's latest version start by saying "The latest update includes: Support for Chromebooks." As an Apple Music subscriber myself, I can't wait to check this out because Chromebooks pack a certain allure, with a super-simple operating system and keyboards that don't require company spokespersons to apologize (ahem, Apple).

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While all Android apps should run on Chromebooks thanks to Google Play emulation, that's not the case when it comes to app by app testing, something I saw when reviewing the Google Pixel Slate. Further, games run at wildly different levels of smoothness, which I've seen when testing apps for my Best Android Games to Play On Your Chromebook page.

This direct support for Chromebooks existing is something of a first for Apple, which has tried to combat Google's laptops by positioning the iPad as a computer for the education market. I hope to see support for Apple TV+ to also land on Chrome OS in the future, but that's less likely, as that would require porting a whole new app (the TV app) to Android.