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Android Statue Gets Chrome Facelift: A Sign of Things to Come?

Android got an update!...and by Android we mean the mascot...and by update we mean a cosmetic facelift. Google's campus in California is now home to an Android mascot that's made entirely of, you guessed it, chrome. Is this a sign of things to come for the search giant or are they just teasing us for their amusement?

Is this a hint at a new version of Android, or a melding of the firm's mobile OS and browser? For what it's worth, a French developer by the name of François Beaufort spotted that the newest build of Chromium, which is where the final code for versions of Chrome browser originates from, includes code for a notification center. This suggests that the next version of Chrome will arrive with this feature built in.

At this point, we're engaging in a round of educated speculation, but that's all part of the fun. Keep your eyes open for continuing coverage of any Chrome or Android related announcements.

via Mashable, Techcrunch, image via Paul Wilcox