Amazon's SanDisk Sale Includes SSDs from $75

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When it comes to laptop upgrades, few can match the performance increase you'll get from installing a new SSD drive.

SanDisk SSD

Buy SanDisk Ultra II 500GB SSD on

Whether you're booting up or switching between apps, a good SSD will give any laptop a noticeable performance spike. Sure, your processor is important, but to speed up everyday tasks, you'll want to upgrade your SSD first.

That's where Amazon comes into the picture. For a limited time, Amazon has select SanDisk SSD drives on sale starting at $74.99. Each drive is at least $19 cheaper than what competing retailers like Newegg charge for the same drives.

The SSDs offer sequential read and write speeds that range from 545MB/s to 525MB/s, respectively. They're on sale for a limited time only. 

Not sure how to install a new SSD? Check out our SSD tutorial to brush up on all the basics.

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