Boost Your Laptop With Amazon's Huge Storage Sale

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Whether you're experiencing boot up lag or need extra wiggle room for your important files, Amazon has an excellent sale for all PC users today. 

sandisk ultra plus ssd

The online retailer has select SSDs, portable USB drives, and microSD cards on sale with prices starting at $34.99. Some items are discounted by as much as 65 percent. Manufacturers include SanDisk, G-Technology, and WD.

For laptop users, few upgrades can match the performance boost you'll get from installing a new SSD. The once prohibitively expensive drives are now priced low enough where anyone can make the premium upgrade. Not sure how to install a new SSD? Check out our SSD tutorial to walk you through the basics.

Alternatively, if you need to transfer files between computers, smartphones, or tablets, Amazon has multiple microSD and external HDDs on sale. Noteworthy deals include:

Amazon's storage sale ends tomorrow.