Amazon Fire Phone Unboxing

Amazon's first smartphone is finally here. This 4.7-inch device is packed with innovative features, such as the ability to recognize millions of objects at the press of a button, a 3D-like display that responds to gestures, and instantly tech support via MayDay. Available on AT&T for $199, it also comes with a year of Prime membership for free. 

For those ordering the Fire, here's what you can expect when you get it home.

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The Fire phone's box measures 5.75 x 4.5 x 1.2 inches, and has a nice textured triangular finish on the front and sides. The back of the box (not shown) has a picture of the phone itself.

The outer cover slides off to reveal a matte black box with the Amazon logo on the front. 

Flip the box open, and you get a very basic instruction manual (in English and Spanish) showing where all the buttons are, and how to turn the phone on and get it set up.

Underneath the cards is the Fire phone itself, wrapped in clear plastic.

Beneath the phone is a small carboard box. Inside the box is the USB power cord, which has a nice soft-touch finish, and is almost 5 feet long. 

On the right side is a second black box, which opens to reveal the power brick, and a smaller box inside containing the earbuds.

The earbuds are wrapped in clear plastic, and slide out easily from their packaging. 

A close-up of the earbuds. The back of each earbud has a small magnet, and, along with the flat cords, keep them from getting tangled. They were comfortable to wear and sounded great, but were slightly small for my ears. They felt like they were in constant danger of falling out. 

And here's the Fire phone itself out of its packaging. You can clearly see the four cameras in each corner that power the Dynamic perspective technology. A fifth front-facing 2.1-MP camera is to the right of the speaker above the display, and a Home button is on the bottom.

So that's what you can expect if you order the Amazon Fire phone. As I mention in our full review, the phone is attractive and feels sturdy, but weighs a hefty 5.6 ounces. Its Dynamic Perspective display and Firefly apps both are a lot of fun, but I'm not yet convinced of their practicality in everyday use. 

Those who purchase the phone--$199 on AT&T--also get a year of Amazon Prime membership for free (a $99 value), which includes free two-day shipping, streaming audio and Instant Video streaming movies. 

LAPTOP Reviews Editor