Alexa Just Became a Lot More Useful in Windows 10

Amazon's Alexa is now much more appealing to Windows 10 users.

Amazon this week updated its Windows 10 app to allow you to activate the virtual personal assistant with only a voice command. Better yet, it'll work whether the app is running or in the background, and will let you do it all without needing to use a button to activate Alexa.

Alexa has been running on Windows 10 since last year. But this is the first time that the service can be activated with a voice command. Previously, you needed to have Alexa running on the laptop and tap a button to activate the feature. Now, you can activate it by simply saying "Alexa" and saying your command to your PC. 

The new Amazon Alexa feature is available now in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10. If you want to try it out, you can download Alexa for free. You can then use Alexa to do everything from control your smart home devices to find out what you have on the schedule for the day.