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Awesome Addappt Contacts App Comes to Android

If you've changed your phone number in the last 10 years or so, you know what a pain it is to try and remember all the people you need to tell, and make sure they have the right data. Now Android users have an app that will do that for them. Addappt updates your info in your linked friends' phone books. The app has been available on iOS devices for almost a year now.

Addappt syncs such details as phone numbers, email and physical addresses, URL, birthday and IM handles to your smartphone's native address book. Instead of you manually changing these details when a friend moves, the onus is on your friend to update their profile on Addappt. 

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The iOS version of this app was updated today to feature better group management tools. You can search your Addappt contacts by name, location, company name and job title, then select all or some of them to create a group.

Once your contact groups are defined, you can send mass emails, text messages or pictures to that list. You can also override Apple's 5-photo limit for email attachments and attach as many pictures as your mail server will allow. 

The Android app is a more basic offering that just lets you make sure your contacts are up to date. Addappt intends to bring more features from the iOS version to the Android one in time. 

All the shared information on Addappt is kept private, and you won't see who your friends have linked to on the service. The developers also left out social networks, so you won't be able to pull information from Facebook or Twitter.