How to Add Dropbox and Google Drive Support to Office 2013

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Add Dropbox to Office 2013

Microsoft wants you to use its Skydrive so badly that it has made the cloud storage service appear as a prominent option on the Save As screen in Office 2013 applications such as Word and Excel. However, if you want to save to Dropbox or Google Drive instead of Skydrive, you'll have to click the "Computer" icon and browse to the correct folder for either of those services, which can be a time-consuming and annoying process. Fortunately, with a few simple steps you can add other cloud services to the Save As screen in Word 2013, Excel 2013 or other Office apps.

1. Open the Registry Editor. You can open it in desktop mode by hitting Windows + R to open the Run As menu, typing Regedit into the box and hitting Enter.

Open Regedit

2. Navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Common\Cloud Storage registry key.

Navigate to Cloud Storage

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 3. Create a new key under Cloud Storage name it 0627ecb4-3ede-422a-8b23-954e7b6bed29. You could use a different key name, as long as you generate it with the GUID generator.You can create a new key by right clicking on the Cloud Storage key, selecting new Key and renaming the new folder it creates.

Create new registry key

4. Right click in the right window pane and select String Value from the New menu. An entry labeled New Value #1 appears.

Right click and select new String Value

5. Rename New Value #1 to DisplayName by right clicking it, selecting Rename and then changing the text.

Rename the String Value

6.  Double click on DisplayName and assign it a value of Dropbox (or Google Drive). 

Create DisplayName string

7. Create another string value called LearnMoreURL and assign it the home page URL for Dropbox or Google Drive.


8. Create a third string value named LocalFolderRoot and assign it the path to your Dropbox or Google Drive folder (ex: C:\users\apiltch\Dropbox).



9. Close Regedit and reboot your PC.

10. Open Word 2013 and add a blank document.Create Blank Document

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11. Click the File tab.Select file tab

12. Click Add a Place

Click Add a Place

13. Select Dropbox or Google Drive.

Select Dropbox

You'll have to wait around 30 seconds or more while it installs the service.


Adding this to your office account

When you're finished, you should see Dropbox or Google Drive as an option in your Open and Save As menus throughout all of the office applications. The icons may or may not be the official icons.

 Dropbox icon appears in the open and save menus







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  • missytoby Says:

    so sad it doesn't work with Office 2016 Win10 Pro... :(

  • Rick Says:

    Worked perfectly for me. I was able to add Google Drive to all my Office programs! Thanks so much!

  • Rick Says:

    Worked perfectly for me! Excellent instructions.

  • David Says:

    Worked great for me. Thankyou. Very welcome change, saving 3 extra key strokes every time just to get to Dropbox.
    Now if I can do the same for Documents instead of Computer...

  • JimmyJ Says:

    Doesn't work for me, despite following the instructions exactly and checking twice... waste of time unfortunately. (Win 7, Office 2013)

    So frustrating that MS makes it so hard to do this in a an attempt to force you to use their service, which I will deliberately now never use.

  • gioz Says:

    Unfortunately it doesn't work for me...

    I click "add a place", it show me Google Drive, I click on it and then a promt comes up that say something like "problems with the server. It's not possible to add Google Drive now. Try later"

    The strange that after some temptatives to add the registry key it still show me a voice for every temptative I made, also if I removed the previous key and actually there is only one key in the registry

  • Joe Says:

    Awesome tutorial. I had another cloud platform that had a key in there already which I mimicked as well to add a little better functionality with pictures, description and a "manageurl" segment.

    This isn't something that Microsoft needs to support in my opinion, they put the functionality there for your providers to bake it into their desktop apps, but they don't.

    Unfortunately, Google makes things difficult to get Drive and other products onto my phone by intentionally not allowing support for their products.

  • cyphire Says:

    Worked for me. Shame that Microsoft still flouts every monopoly decree that the company gets. Lets face it - great marketing company, but software isn't Microsoft's strong point. Lawyers and being a monopoly and forcing their customers to use their lame bullshit services like onedrive, while stopping their customers from using the services that they actually use shows how bad this company is.

    I use Dropbox and google drive and the fact that Microsoft can make it brutally difficult to get these services into Word (a software program that is the standard not on quality (god knows!) but on the fact that Microsoft forces us to use it because they are a monopoly) is a shame. How about a little justice - Department of Justice!

  • David Says:

    I answered my own question--I followed the same process for Box, and it also works. Thanks very much for this walk-through.

  • David Says:

    This worked fine for installing Dropbox. Will it also work for Box?

  • Pizanauta Says:

    Great!!! Works fine. I tried other methods and any of them had worked, only this!!

  • vv Says:

    Went through the instructions exactly as asked - didnt it work for me! Update please!

  • Jim Says:

    Nor me. Went through the instructions twice. Nowt.

  • Joel Says:

    Did not work for me either.

  • JON Says:

    did not work for me /: followed instructions to the letter, no dropbox icon in the open file tab , just 365 and skyD , running win8.1 and office 2013

  • Diman Says:

    I get an error (both for Google Drive & Skydrive):
    "Sorry we can't make this update because there are problems with your account. To fix your account, try signing in again."
    How to fix that??

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