7 Indispensable Android Tablet Tips

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Android's Ice Cream Sandwich operating system isn't available for tablets (or many smartphones, for that matter), but there's still plenty every slate user can do with their device—from making video calls to friendly faces with Google Talk to decorating each and every homescreen with widgets galore and multitasking through a bevy of active applications. Keep reading for more indispensable Android tablet tips. 

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  • Fred Says:

    With the today advanced version of android many problems have been fixes and many of the post's tips have been enhanced performance. It is still a good list for the starters :)

  • Anna Attkisson, LAPTOP Managing Editor Says:

    I would recommend you visit www.nabitablet.com for directions and advice. - Best, Anna Attkisson

  • Diana Rusk Says:

    I bought my grand daughter and grandson the Nabi 2 for Christmas. We have no idea where to begin. Is there website where we can download the information and instructions? Thank you

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