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4 Tips to Restore Your Android Smartphone Exterior

It's never a bad time to clean, and true cleaners spruce up inside and out. So far, we've offered tips to clean up your Android smartphone's operating system, but we've skimped on outward makeover tips. No more. Though these recommended products won't repair screen cracks or dents around the casing, they will help restore some shine and novelty to your worn or used device.

Keep reading for 4 Tools to Restore the Exterior of Your Android, the fourth installment of our six-part  Android Phone Makeover series.

1. Use a Toddy Cloth to Keep that Screen Clean

Don’t just wipe your screen with whatever’s handy. A Toddy Cloth ($9.99) is made just for this occasion. These machine-washable, pocket-ready cleaners come with dual-cleaning power: One side uses microfiber to wipe away dust and greasy prints, while the other features an antimicrobial coating that nixes germs in the bud. More on Toddy Cloths.

2. Give it a Good Spritz with iKlenz Cleaner Solution

For a deeper clean, try iKlenz Cleaner Solution (pictured, $19.95). This spray will add that out-of-the-box shine to your used smartphone. Plus, it repels dust and works as a disinfectant against the hitchhiker germs your phone picks up each day. More on iKlenz products.

3. Protect the Display with a Screen Cover 

No one makes as large a variety of screen protectors as BodyGuardz (Starting at $15). For everyday scratch-resistance there’s the Ultimate Screen Protection line. For extra-strength coverage backed by a lifetime replacement warranty, there’s the company’s UltraTough Clear line, and for those with HD smartphones sporting a 720p display, the company makes ultra-slim HD Anti-Glare covers. More on BodyGuardz.

4. Give it a Brand New SkinIt

There’s no product SkinIt ($14.99) won’t grace with its flamboyant, in-your-face, beautiful decals. The company’s library is so expansive it includes decoratives for ancient clamshell phones such as the BlackBerry Pearl Flip and the original super-thin Motorola RAZR. That means you’ll have no problem finding cover themes from Hello Kitty to Kobe Bryant for more modern devices, which can add new design life to an aging shell. More on SkinIt.

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