The 16-inch MacBook Pro Might Have Been Leaked… By Apple

There have been rumors of the 16-inch MacBook Pro coming soon but now we may have the very first look at this “redesigned” model — which looks very much like the previous one.

Found by French Mac-oriented site MacGeneration, the images of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro are high resolution icons hidden inside the latest beta of MacOS Catalina 10.15.1. It comes in two flavors: silver and space gray.

And while they look very similar to the MacBook, there are certain differences that clearly set it apart from the current 15-inch MacBook Pro.

The most obvious is the screen bezels, which seem noticeably thinner all round but especially on the sides. Oh, and the icon file names include words "macbookpro-16" and not "macbookpro-15."

But, if you really zoom, there’s another clear difference: the TouchBar seems to be different. If you look closely, there seems to be two separations on both sides of where the TouchBar is supposed to be. These may be two separate keys. But then, perhaps it may not be a TouchBar at all, since what is supposed to be the touch-sensitive surface seems to have the same thickness as the keys on the side. Which is rather rather strange. Personally, I wouldn’t oppose the elimination of such a useless gimmick myself.

It's been rumored that the new 16-inch MacBook Pro will come out this month, with a “completely new redesign”. This seems almost exactly the same computer as the 15-inch model, so it may be a placeholder. Perhaps the redesign is just about the system’s core architecture — which hopefully will use AMD Ryzen chips instead of Intel — and a new keyboard that solves the current MacBook Pro problems once and for all.

What we know for sure is that this thing will be expensive, with a starting price that may be as high as $2,900, and it may land on our list of the best laptops of 2019 if the performance measures up and Apple finally fixes the keyboard. We will know soon.

Images: Apple/MacGeneration

This article originally appeared on Tom's Guide.