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Patriot Memory Supersonic 64GB Review

The Patriot Memory Supersonic USB 3.0 thumb drive provides blazing-fast data transfer speeds that outperform the competition at a good price.

SanDisk Ultra Backup 8GB Review

With a reasonable price tag and included backup software, the SanDisk Ultra Backup is a capable drive that is sure to come in handy.

Lexar Echo MX (128GB) Review

While you may be able to get cheaper thumb drives, we doubt you'll find any as innovative as the Lexar Echo MX.

Limited Edition Batman Mimobot Drive Is Both Cute and Hardcore

I've been a fan of Mimobots USB flash drives for a while because I'm a sucker for toys that also serve a useful function (thus my TARDIS USB hub). I also love that the company is clearly full of geeks...

Kingston urDrive 2.0 Will Take Portable Apps to the Next Level

We tend to think of USB Flash drives as quick and dirty storage devices for quickly moving around our data, but Kingston has bigger ideas. Last year, the memory vendor quietly began including portable...

LaCie XtremKey Hands-On: World's Toughest USB Key

The Toughbook of USB drives is here. LaCie's new XtremKey USB drive has been advertised as "the most adventurous USB drive," having undergone U.S. Military Grade Testing. The promotional video that ...

SanDisk Ultra Backup (64GB) Review

This fast, secure flash drive makes backing up a breeze--if you're willing to spring for its high price tag.

New Yoggie Flash Drives Offer Tight Security, No Pic-A-Nik Baskets

Today, Yoggie Security Systems announced the launch of the Yoggie Data Keeper line of secure flash drives, which pack high-end features designed to keep your portable storage free from all manner of n...

Seagate Replica Review

This no-brainer backup drive lets casual users effortlessly safeguard their content down to the operating system level, but power users may find it limiting.

Back in a Flash (7.5GB) Review

It may look like a standard USB drive, but Back in a Flash is a smart and simple automatic backup solution.