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LaCie Fuel Review

The LaCie Fuel provides a handy 1TB of wireless storage for those on the move and an easy-to-use app.

Patriot Fuel+ 6000 Review

For just over $50, the Patriot Fuel+ 6000 can charge two mobile devices at once, eliminating the need for hefty battery cases.

Western Digital My Cloud (2TB) Review

The Western Digital My Cloud network storage device makes it easy to back up files from mobile devices and benefits from a robust mobile app.

Seagate Ultra Mobile HDD for Budget Tablets Hands-On

Save for a few outliers, the land of budget tablets is one filled with compromise. In an effort to give the space a much-needed boost, Seagate has created the Ultra Mobile HDD for Android devices.

Intel SSD Pro 1500 Series to Boost Enterprise Notebook Security, Endurance

A laptop is lost or stolen in a U.S. airport every 49.3 seconds, and three out of every four lost notebooks ends in a data breach, according to a Ponemon Institute study from 2009.Intel wants to sto...

Patriot AERO (1TB) Review

The Patriot Aero wireless external hard drive offers 1TB of space and streams 720p video to up to five iOS and Android devices for less money than the competition.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive (64GB) Review

The SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive lets you stream movies and music wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet, but struggles with more than one device.

Apotop Wi-Copy is Wireless Drive, Portable Router and Battery All-in-One

Phone and tablet users looking for wireless storage will soon have a new and compelling option in the Apotop Wi-Copy. The product of Taiwanese accessory maker Apotop, this device features both an SD...

SanDisk Extreme II SSD Promises Blazing Speed, Long Lifespan

TAIPEI, TAIWAN -- Looks like there's a new contender for the high-performance SSD upgrade crown. Not content to let such other players as Samsung -- whose 840 Series is our current speed champ -- domi...

Kingston MobileLite Wireless: Wireless Storage Meets Portable Power

Taking the wireless hard drive category in a new direction, the Kingston MobileLite isn't a drive at all. Unlike the company's earlier Wi-Drive, this $70 device features a USB slot and SD Card Slot,...