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Complete Coverage: One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) XO

Catch up on the OLPC XO saga, from its battle with Intel to its latest trial: Hands-on with children in Guinea and Mali.

by Joanna Stern on January 29, 2008

OLPC_LandingPage_shLAPTOP Magazine has followed the One Laptop Per Child initiative through interviews with OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte, hands-on reviews of the machine, and now a firsthand look at the XO with its intended users: children of developing nations. Below, you'll find all our stories about this potentially world-changing laptop, including information about ways you can help make a difference. 

Exclusive: Sali's Journal: The OLPC XO Goes to Africa
Our recipient of One Laptop Per Child's XO kept a journal of her experiences using it with children in Guinea.

Exclusive: Sali's Journal: The OLPC XO Goes to Africa, Part II
Our recipient of One Laptop Per Child's XO shares her experiences using it with children in her home country of Mali.

: OLPC XO: We Gave 1, Got 1 to Africa
As the "$100 Laptop" is offered to the public, our African recipient of the XO laptop gives a firsthand look at what giving One Laptop Per Child can do.

OLPC's XO Laptop Available to U.S. Consumers for a Limited Time
The Give 1, Get 1 program allows consumers to give one laptop to a child of the developing world and get a low cost laptop for themselves.

Hands-On with One Laptop Per Child's XO Laptop
We visited the OLPC Labs to get our hands on the much-hyped laptop. Created with children of the developing world in mind, this notebook might just change the face of mobile computing.

My 8-Year-Old Reviews the OLPC XO
Our kid tester found the groundbreaking XO machine to have plenty of shortcomings. But considering its mission as a children's laptop for the developing world--and its ultra-low price--it has great potential.

Why Do The Kids Get to Have All the Fun?
After going hands-on with OLPC's XO laptop, here are five things we want in our mainstream, adult notebooks.

Can the $100 Laptop Change the World?
In this exclusive interview with LAPTOP, Nicholas Negroponte speaks freely on the ambitious One Laptop Per Child Project.

Intel vs. OLPC: A Battle of Good Wills
Both OLPC and Intel are vying to equip underprivileged children with aggressively priced laptops, but there are some key differences both in terms of their approaches and the hardware itself.
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