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Get news, reviews, and tips for the MSI Wind NB mini-notebook.




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MSI Wind U160

Review Date: 3/19/2010

This netbook is rather lightweight and lasts almost nine hours on a charge, but its design could use some refinement. Read Review...


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MSI Wind U135

Review Date: 12/23/2009

A good keyboard and Atom's latest processor make the Wind U135 a worthwhile choice for those on a tight budget. Read Review...


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MSI Wind U110

Review Date: 10/27/2009

This netbook's 12+ hours of battery life is impressive, but the competition offers better designs. Read Review...


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MSI Wind U123

Review Date: 4/28/2009

MSI's latest netbook packs a slightly faster Atom processor and a nine-cell battery that outruns the competition. Read Review...


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MSI Wind U120

Review Date: 1/30/2009

An update to the original MSI Wind, the U120 boasts a snazzier chassis and an aggressive price--but the competition has caught up. Read Review...


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MSI Wind U90X

Review Date: 10/3/2008

This 8.9-inch version of the popular MSI Wind mini-notebook is done in by a poor Linux OS and short battery life. Read Review...


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MSI Wind U100

Review Date: 6/2/2008

The 10-inch MSI Wind mini-notebook has good computing punch and impressive endurance. Read Review...

MSI Wind Hands-On

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MSI Wind U160 Hands-On: Slimmed Down and Classed Up
This week, MSI announced the release of its latest 10-inch netbook, the MSI Wind U160. Like most new netbooks announced in the past week or two, it features Intel's new Atom N450 CPU, which is designed to offer longer battery life.
Hands-On With the Touchscreen MSI Wind U120H
MSI has unleashed a flurry of new Winds here at CES, but long promised was a touchscreen MSI Wind. And today we finally got a glimpse of the Wind U120H with a touch display.
Mini-Review: MSI Wind U115
MSI entered the netbook market in June 2008 when there were few 10-inch netbooks on the market and it really stood out. But different times are different now; most of the major notebook vendors ha...
Hands-On With the MSI Wind U120, Specs Now Official
Yesterday, the MSI Wind U120, that we have been hearing about for a few months now, popped up at an MSI event in Taiwan. Those who don't read Chinese are in luck since MSI was nice enough to send us a...
Hands-On With Averatec's Buddy (Yup, It's an MSI Wind)
So how close is an MSI Wind clone to the real thing? Pretty damn close. Today the Averatec Buddy (N1000) was dropped at our office by the netbook stork. The Buddy is a rebranded MSI Wind and has had f...

MSI Wind Tips & How-Tos

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Upgrade the MSI Wind's Hard Drive
The 2.5-inch SATA Drive on the Wind can be easily replaced with a larger or faster model.
Add RAM to the MSI Wind NB
Increase your Wind's memory with an inexpensive stick of DDR2 RAM

MSI Wind News

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Spotted Online: MSI Wind12 U230 Notebook With Neo X2 Platform and ATI Graphics
Bring on the Windows 7 netbooks-- or, in this case, non-netbooks. The 12.1-inch MSI Wind12 U230, which popped up on MSI's Web site, looks like a netbook, feels like a netbook, at 2.9 pounds, and has the same 160GB hard drive.
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