Getting Windy: Full Specs of the MSI Wind

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It seems that our interview with MSI's Andy Tung still leaves many wondering about the detailed specs of the MSI Wind. Here are the complete specs for the system, courtesy of MSI. We hope this will answer any and all questions about the Wind, that is until we get our review unit in and we report back on how it runs.

Editors note: This post has been updated with the correct weights of the system.

Linux Version ($399)
CPU:1.6GHz Intel Atom
Operating System: Linux Novell SUSE
Chipset: 945GMS+ ICH7-M
Display: 10-inch/ 1024×600
Hard Disk Drive: 80GB / 2.5” SATA
Memory: 512MB DDR2/ 667MHz
Card Reader: 4-in-1 (SD,MMC,MS, MS Pro)
USB Ports: 3
Webcam: 1.3 MP
WLAN: 802.11b/g
Bluetooth: No
Battery: Three Cells / 2.5 hrs
Dimension: 10.23 x 7.08 x 0.748 inches
Weight 2.3 lbs

Windows XP Version
CPU:1.6GHz Intel Atom
Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition
Chipset: 945GMS+ ICH7-M
Display: 10-inch/ 1024×600
Hard Disk Drive: 80GB / 2.5” SATA
Memory: 1GB DDR2/ 667MHz
Card Reader: 4-in-1 (SD,MMC,MS, MS Pro)
USB Ports: 3
Webcam: 1.3 MP
WLAN: 802.11b/g
Bluetooth: Yes
Battery: Six Cells / 5.5 hrs
Dimension: 10.23 x 7.08 x 0.748-inches
Weight 2.6 lbs

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  • Ezeokoye Anthony Says:

    I hav one already and its nice........ I've got small Problem with my speaker!!

  • Maggie Says:

    The MSI U100 is the FIRST laptop I have ever touched. Would be nice if it had come with a manual. I'm enjoying looking at keys that have no meaning. The place where I bought it said my only option is to return it at my expense and pay shipping to get another one (hopefully with the manual included.) I have tried to find a website to download or read a manual, but haven't found one for this model. I went through this same thing with a Nikon camera. The manual was in Spanish. Never did get the English version, although I was promised one time and time again. I think companies can give lower prices because these bits are missing and they hope no one will complain. I did download almost 200 pages off the web for the camera, but do you want to carry that around when you are taking pictures compared to a booklet that is about 3 X 4 inches. Consequently, I rarely use the camera. The BOOK of instructions is at home when I have a problem. I think I'll start buying locally so that I can open the box and make sure all the parts are included. ( I have the MSI U100 -439US in white.)

  • Alex Says:

    does anybody know what is the difference between Wind U100-009NL (black) si Wind U100-021NL (black)? i got a reply from the official importer of MSI Wind, here in my country (Romania), which stated that they are quite the same, but the difference is the chipset on the motherboard.

    so, which is better?

  • Me Says:

    Why weight of Windows XP`s devise is bigger than weight of Linux`s device? :)

  • Shea Says:

    Anyone know when this thing is supposed to be released?

  • aleck Says:

    The spec. at shows 3 cells batt., priced $499 with winxp home, different what you put here.

  • maltin Says:

    do you know the battery life time is wifi is enabled?
    2.5hrs would be great.

  • eRambo Says:

    I cannot help but laughed at the guy who complained about 1Gbit network and Wifi-n on this UMPC.

    Hello, this is a UMPC, get it?

    As someone already mentioned, you'll not get any benefit from a 125Mb/sec connection coz the hdd is way slower, the CPU is not that fast etc. You'll better off to get a laptop if you want that!

    It's like trying to install an ATI 4870 X2 on a Celeron 800Mhz!!! LOL.

    Yawn_Me: SSD does not neccessary means faster or lower power consumption. Most review of the WIND shows that it has very fast boot up time, and the power consumption hours can already beat an EEPC currently.

    You can also read up the myth of SSD and low power consumption here:,1955.html

    For what it is, i believe the WIND hits the note with most people looking for something in this category. I'm seriously considering one. EEPC is out for me!

  • norwisdude Says:

    Argh!!! These delays might be a deal breaker for MSI if another similar netbook should pop on to the scene. MSI's site/store now shows AUGUST delivery for the 6 cell unit. : (

  • Shibblet Says:

    When is this going to be released in the US?

  • Midnight Angel Says:

    @Michael DePaulo

    If you look at expansys' site, you see they are offering a UK version of the Wind. That might explain the difference in price. They're probably shipping it from the UK to the US order by order. Also note they say there is a 42 day shipping time. This would explain a lot.

  • norwisdude Says:

    Hooray! HonEbaby... I concur (as a writer myself) and I couldn't have said it better myself! Write on!

  • HonEbaby Says:

    *giggles* some of the complaints that I've been reading seem so far-fetched and useless for a laptop that's basically this portable. If you want a full-blown laptop, buy the bigger screen with all those extra features! :) For me though, I'm looking for something that I can do basic functions with (i.e. webcam, messenger programs, surfing the web, email, and microsoft office) and especially PORTABILITY. I can't imagine myself using this laptop for anything more than that! I'm a writer and I need a small machine to tote with me no matter where I'm at - and something that'll be there on the fly when I get inspiration.

    I don't do all the crazy gaming or storing or anything really that some laptop users look for in a portable computer - so to hear people talking about gigabit issues and the fact that they're not using N wifi's etc makes me kinda laugh. The UMPC benefits those on the go really - university students who don't want to port a huge thing to class to take notes - writers who simply need to get away or carry something small around with them (so when inspiration comes along... they've got themselves covered) - those who want to webcam with family members - or those who simply need something every once in a while to check email or surf the web.

    The technology is going to take some time to catch up on machines such as this because this is a new trend right now. Like all technology (even cars), everything upgrades. So I've made my decision based on this information:

    #1) When the Asus eee pc came out, since they were on such high demand it was almost a guarantee that other companies would follow suit in the market. I waited because I wanted to see what else would come out.

    #2) I like bigger harddrives (even if it's at the cost of having an SSD at this point in technology - SSD is simply too expensive to build and market at this current time). Society has been using harddrives for a LONG time, so unless you know you're a clutz and are going to be dropping this thing often, I can't imagine that it'd be THAT huge of a deal to put a harddrive on this kind of a machine.

    #3) Price is coming down a lot for these little units - in time, I'm sure it's going to drop even more. But the main reason I've finally decided on the msi wind...

    #4) This little machine has everything I (personally) am looking for. Compatability for the next (at least) two years of use - easy and simplicity of use - affordability - and it looks pretty sleek compared to all the others I've seen on the market so far (as well as some that are still being prototyped). No it's not perfect, but I think it's definitely going to work for me for what I'm choosing to use it for at this point.

    I've looked at the dell prototype and just don't like it - I think design-wise it looks exactly like the hp 2133 (which is a little too dark and metallic looking for my taste)... and from what I've heard it's just not going to meet my standards for what I'm looking for in a UMPC.

    So what it all comes down to is... I simply like this machine... I like the way they've marketed it and I like what it has to offer. Everyone is different, but this works for me. And with the knowledge that all technology pretty much goes out of date a few years after purchase (sometimes much sooner), I think that this is a good buy for the time being. I'm pretty much assuming that I'll be upgrading again in the next two years anyway - but for now, this is good enough for me. :)

    Kind Regards,

  • Michael DePaulo Says:

    Expansys is offering to take preorders for when they receive it on July 22nd.
    Note the markup of the price for the US at least. Expansys has sites for other countries like the UK too.

  • jusdoit Says:

    Where can I order an MSI wind?

  • admin Says:

    The model we reviewed at LAPTOP has the 945 chipset.

  • Michael DePaulo Says:

    There is a discrepancy between what this site and the manual reports, vs what MSI's site reports.

    They say it has an Intel 965GMS chipset

    This makes a big difference because the 965 provides an intel GMA X3000 series graphics adapter, which is a step up from the GMA 950 like the 945.

  • Rafael Says:

    Agree Atul,

    I would like a laptop with the larger battery and Linux or without a OS loaded.

    I also miss more a Gigabyte ethernet than the BT....

  • Janne Says:

    ELMERI: Where did you order your laptop? Does it have Finnish keyboard? I did see that is listing the laptop in their site, but their price is a bit higher than the one you quoted.

  • Nick Says:

    I thought Intel was coming out with a new chipset for Atom with all sorts of video-acceleration and better 3D performance? This seems like an Atom CPU on an old chipset...

  • norwisdude Says:

    THX, Mike Cane!

  • Mike Cane Says:

    I've got the MSI WInd Manual and have published the specs:

    I also have a link so others can get the manual too!

  • Whoever Says:

    atul, this is nonsense. Why should we pay for something that we'll never use? You'd better put some pressure on MSI to releaset the XP hardware but without XP, and with the discount for XP. That would be much more reasonable. Enough paying the MS tax.

  • NeoDarkSaver Says:

    i would want to pay like 50 dollars extra for the battery... if i can get more ram with that, that would be great too...

  • Pablo Says:

    Anyone know what sort of bluetooth chip it has in it? Perhaps there is no bluetooth in the linux version because there are no drivers for the chip they chose. Just a thought. I honestly can't think of another reason for them to leave it out, other than forcing you to pay the MS tax to get it. If they had an identically spec'd Linux version I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

  • Gene Says:

    I'm with atul and norwisdude.

    I was ready to buy a Eee when they came out with the 10" model, but the MSI appears to be spec'd well enough for the Windows version and I wouldn't mind having the OS (at least it's not Vista!). I can always install my fave version of Linux and have Windows for a certain few apps that I really like and/or need.

  • norwisdude Says:

    I agree with atul - get the XP model and install linux right away - I'm sure I'll enjoy the extras batt/ram/bt. And if I need the XP for school apps i'll alredy have it. Anyone know if this thing will be able to run with a dual boot option?

  • atul Says:

    Hmm.. the Linux option seems to be saving on Battery, RAM and Bluetooth.

    I'm thinking of getting the WinXP model, and immediately installing Ubuntu on it.

    Anybody thinking the same? Any comments?

  • Sed8ed Says:

    Dean writes:

    Oh, i just hope we will be able to get the 10′ in Australia without having to go through the trouble of importing it.

    I'm hoping for the 8.9" in Aus....I want the option to go cheap and update with bits I have already got lying around...I already have the ram....and I also have the drive ready to go....If I could get the 8.9" it cancels out the eee 900 for me or the 901..

    With thing's like the Cirago BT dongle for under $20.00 who need's the BT onboard...Mine lives in the Asus 701 and never comes out....

  • Dean Says:

    Lol, reading some of these comments makes me wonder about some people, it is a $400 laptop. Stop complaining about some of the features. To the guy complaining about the keyboard, you can either pay $20 for a usb keyboard or just go spend $1k + on another laptop, to

    # yawn_me Says:
    May 14th, 2008 at 3:07 pm

    damn..WHAT ABOUT THE SSD????!
    gosh, I want 20 gb flash storage just like EEE 900 =\

    it would make the battery last even longer

    Not necessarily, some SSD's consume as much power as a normal 4200 rpm drives or even a 7200 rpm drive.

    The only thing i don't like about the Linux version is the battery life, the RAM is easily upgradeable, as is the HDD if 80gb isn't enough on such a small machine. As far as the blue tooth goes, $10 will buy you a dongle. Oh, i just hope we will be able to get the 10' in Australia without having to go through the trouble of importing it.

    Way to blow things away MSI (for once)

  • i-boy Says:

    IF MSI sell this at 399$ it will become the best low-price laptop of the world.

    Gbit LAN = 125MB/s and most 2.5" HDD can't reach 50MB/s, so forget it, the same with wireless N, maybe 95% users don't need these thing (we're talking about a 400$ laptop). Who likes SSD just buy a 2.5" SSD.

    They should give 2 battery option 3-cells & 6-cells, that's all we need.

  • Elmeri Says:

    Of course I ordered the Linux version though I think I will install Windows XP pro and Ubuntu 8.04 in that system and check which works best in my case. I probably also change the hd to 7k200 120-200gb version and if possible increase the memory to 2gb.

  • Elmeri Says:

    I live in Finland and I have pre-ordered Linux version of this notebook. The specs according to my notebook vendor are:
    MSI WIND U100 10"/ATOM/1G/80/LINUX 30.06.2008 € 410,95
    MSI WIND U100 10"/ATOM/1G/80/XPHOME 30.06.2008 € 431,95

    I sent email to confirm that there are no hardware differencies between these notebooks and they confirmed that there are none. The specs were confirmed as follows:
    10" Led LCD WSVGA 1024x600
    Intel Atom 1.6GHz
    Intel GMA950
    RAM 1024Mb
    Hard drive 80Gb
    WLAN 802.11a/b/g
    Webcam 1.3mb
    6-cell battery
    Linux/XP Home
    Color: Black
    warranty: 24 month

  • Yan Says:

    Shipping Linux versions with a half capacity battery is really a big mistake... Or was it specified under Redmond's pressure to encourage buying Micro$oft version?

    This is not the kind of trick that will please Linux addict buyers... without changing their mind to windows users => Less sales. What a loose-loose deal!

    Asus already made the same mistake with EeePC 900 battery life... MSI should really consider not making the same error.

    It's a deal breaker for me.

  • Bnutz Says:

    Mike, it's 0.3 lbs and that's because the XP version has a bigger battery

  • Mike Says:

    I notice that the XP version weigh 3 lbs heavier than the Linux version.
    Obviously all the Microsoft spyware embedded in XP.

  • Dw Says:

    Buying a ssd to replace the hd? Mo bling! Yeah, no xp for me either.

  • Si Says:

    The Andy Tung interview elsewhere indicated that the HDD would be a standard 2.5" unit. There is no reason why you can't swap the 80GB for a 32GB SSD instead.

    A pity about the battery on the Linux version though. Unfortunately a deal-breaker for me.

  • Mike Cane Says:

    Interesting. I didn't get here til now, at least a half hour after I'd already posted specs I got from an eBay listing in Italy(!). What's missing up there is that graphics memory shares system memory!

    And I agree with other questions raised by others here.

  • yawn_me Says:

    damn..WHAT ABOUT THE SSD????!
    gosh, I want 20 gb flash storage just like EEE 900 =\

    it would make the battery last even longer

  • Hoon Says:

    "Gigabit is a big deal too since, without a cd drive you will be doing more things over the network, plus it makes backups less painful."

    You can just use a external USB DVDRW drive or external USB HDD. They are often faster than gigabit eithernet. I think 100 mbps is good enough for this kind of machine since it's not a powerhorse. The low speed CPU and 2.5" HDD will limit the 1 gigabit transfer speed to 0.2 gbps or less.

  • xSauronx Says:


    It "gives" on features to hit the sub-$600 market. Things like the X300 and Air cost at least 3 times as much as this. The Eee 900 has a lesser cpu/battery life for the same price (hopefully theyll use an Atom soon).

    Sure, faster ram, networking, wifi and card readers would be great....but then it would start to approach $1000 instead of coming in at under $600.

    As for me, Ill probably replace my T40 with one of these and plug in to an LCD/keyboard/mouse at home.

    FWIW: In regards to "no single form of networking is everywhere" this is not something MSI or Asus or anyone can control. You get wireless G, with is compatible with N, and you get ethernet. Thats going to be plenty convenient.

  • Kathy Says:

    If it had an SSD option, bigger than 4G, I'd be sold on the XP version.

  • Jack Says:

    Please, one of the most important specs for these cramped laptops is the size of the keyboard - ie the keypitch.

  • Niels Says:

    Why oh why does wanting Linux on this device mean that you automatically have to miss out on both bluetooth and a decent battery? I have no problem paying for either, but would just much rather NOT pay the Redmond tax. HP, I think, are doing something right with allowing for lots of customization of their mininote.

  • ElGuapo Says:

    "Something’s gotta give somewhere."

    I agree because what matters most in this range of laptop is price. You may be willing to pay a lot more for better specs, but most are not. If they push the price up, it ends up competing with slightly larger laptops with much better specs. People want small and low cost first, and extra features second.

  • Rufus Says:

    The spec provided are nice. But would be nicer if they had finer detail, like as previously mentioned.
    What about SDHC support?
    How high can the RAM be upgraded?
    Ethernet speed?
    Form factor issues with the screen sizes?
    Bluetooth support/upgrade ability on the linux version?
    How about a picture of the BOTTOM of the unit?
    FSB Speed? RAM type?

  • KEYofR Says:

    Still unanswered:

    Nic is Gigabit? (considering the wifi is not N, probably not...)

    Speed of card reader? (getting tired of card readers that are slower than the cards, and/or can't handle large capacity cards. So you end up carrying around a stupid usb2.0 reader anyways, or else just living with 1980's nostalgia waiting for progress bars all the time.)

    If you routinely move pics from a camera, audiobooks and mp3's onto a Treo, etc, and you have 4 and 8 gb cards, speed of the reader is a big deal.

    Gigabit is a big deal too since, without a cd drive you will be doing more things over the network, plus it makes backups less painful.

    Compromising on some specs for the sake of portability and battery life is one thing, but compromising on some specs actually makes it even more important not to compromise on some others. Something's gotta give somewhere. Like if you're going to have a slow cpu, then you better have more ram and that ram should be as fast as possible. If you're not going to have any optical drive and only a small ssd for hard drive, then you better have the best networking options available so you have a decent chance of connecting conveniently wherever you wander, since no single form of networking is everywhere, or available to you everywhere anyways.

  • Josh Says:

    Do you know what the max ram is and how many slots?

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