RIM's U.S. Marketshare Drops Another 3.1 Percent While Android Gains

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Research in Motion's expedient descent into obsolescence may be taking place in a hastier manner than some expected. The maker of BlackBerry phones lost more subscribers in the month of November, pushing its market share in U.S. smartphones down to 16.6 percent of phones from 19.7 percent in the previous three-month period.

But as any pie-graph specialist will know, those 3.1 percentage points didn't disappear - in fact, they cruised right over to Google, the developer of all things Android, according to the report, published December 29 by comScore. The search engine's mobile platform remained the most used by U.S. cell patrons in November, with nearly 47 percent of the country's subscribers owning Android-based smart phones.

Apple, the second-most owned platform with 28.7 percent of the market, rose from 27.3 percent last month.

This year has not been kind to the 'rudderless' RIM, which has suffered some major setbacks in the form of email outages, delayed operating systems, lawsuits and precarious business horizons. A year ago, the company's market share was just under thirty percent.

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  • Chuck Says:

    Oh well...

    Make something the cash-paying public likes - you're on top of the world.

    Someone else come out with something better, and do nothing to improve your product - and you're the dirt kicked to the curb. Its happened to many other companies in the past, why should RIM be any different. And don't even THINK about getting a bailout from Uncle Sugar - there's no reason to waste tax money to prop up a failing business!


  • Dean Says:

    RIM's share was 17.2% end of October so only a drop of 0.6% in November, seems like the US market for RIM is starting to bottom out, their percentage of the mobile market dropped by only 0.1% month to month.

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