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Watch out, Google Docs — Microsoft Word update will make you more productive than ever

Microsoft Word
(Image credit: Microsoft)

One of the best tools in Google Docs is Smart Compose, a feature that uses predictive text to spare you from typing out full sentences.  It's convenient when you need to power through many documents and emails in a short amount of time. 

Microsoft has been working on a predictive text feature of its own for a while now, with a beta version being made available this past September 2020. Now the company appears ready for a full rollout this upcoming March 2021. 

It works very much like Google's predictive text; when you start to type, the gray text will appear ahead of your cursor with the predicted text. If you wish to accept the word suggestion, all you have to do is press the Tab key. If the suggestion isn’t what you wish to say, you can press the Esc key to reject it.

Microsoft's predictive text tool will learn from your typing and writing habits and adapt to your communication style. Microsoft explained that the date the algorithm uses is stored locally and never leaves your device. Microsoft also says the data is never stored on Microsoft servers unless the user chooses to share it to provide feedback. 

Although the new feature is tabbed for full release in March, it was already released for Microsoft Outlook earlier this month. Now I just wish someone would create a feature that would predict the upcoming Powerball numbers.