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Sharing files on Google Drive just got easier with new security update

Google Drive
(Image credit: Google)

Google Drive introduced a new security feature that lets admins define and choose target audiences users can link-share with, meaning better-kept information and easier file sharing.

While the update has been in beta since August 2020, initially admins could only choose to allow users to link-share files to either their entire domain or anyone with the link, but the target audience feature lets them define specific audiences they can link-share Google Drive files with. This means admins can spend less time managing sharing requests from multiple individuals.

Google Drive Target Audience link-sharing

(Image credit: Google)

Google now lets users recommend up to five target audiences, up from only three during the beta period, along with admins being able to add any group as a target audience.

This new security update only really admins in organizations, but end-users will now get to see target audiences available to them as link-sharing options for Drive.

As for the admins, the option will now be available by heading to the 'Directory' option and clicking on "Target audiences." From here, admins will be able to manage the different group's users can link-share with.

The update will slowly roll out over the next few weeks and will be available on Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard and Enterprise Plus, along with G Suite Business and Enterprise for Education customers.

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