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Microsoft Teams adds new Adobe integration — use these helpful PDF tools inside Teams

Microsoft Teams Adobe Documents integration
(Image credit: Microsoft )

Adobe and Microsoft have teamed up to bring new features to the Microsoft Teams app. The new Adobe Sign feature brings live e-signatures to Teams and other helpful additions such as Team integration with Adobe Acrobat. 

Adobe has been Microsoft's proffered e-signature service since 2017, and the two tech giants have had a long partnership that has expanded into cloud-based products. 

Adobe states in a blog post, "While this is an important milestone in our work together, we're not stopping here. You can expect to see more work between Microsoft and us not only across Adobe Document Cloud but also other Adobe solutions."

Microsoft Teams will also see the integration of Adobe Acrobat in the application, giving users the ability to sign documents, write comments, and annotate on PDFs stored in SharePoint, OneDrive, or Teams. All of this can be done without ever having to leave the Teams applications and with comments captured into a single PDF then saved for later editing. 

Having the ability to sign documents within a Microsoft Teams meeting is game-changing for those dealing with contracts or docs that require signatures speeding up the process and further allowing more business to be conducted via video teleconferencing which has become the standard during the Covid-19 pandemic.