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iPhone 12 owners can install iOS updates without Wi-Fi: Here's how

(Image credit: Apple)

With tomorrow's release of the iPhone 12, tidbits of new capabilities are coming to light. One that is sure to make longtime iPhone users happy is the ability to download iOS updates without a Wi-Fi connection. 

The capability will only be available on the iPhone 12 models when connected to 5G. It has always been a mystery as to why iPhone users can't download updates via current 4G connections, especially since they provide ample download speeds. Unfortunately, previous iPhone models that rely on 4G LTE will still need a Wi-Fi connection to install new iOS versions.  

To enable your iPhone 12 to download iOS updates over 5G, you will have to go into settings and make some changes, according to an Apple support document published earlier this week. 

iPhone 12: Download iOS updates over 5G (without Wi-Fi)

Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options, and tick the option that says "Allow More Data on 5G." Once you've set that up, you will be able to download iOS updates while connected to 5G. 

Apple also mentions that, when using this 5G connection mode, you will enjoy "higher-quality FaceTime, high-definition content on Apple TV, Apple Music songs and videos". However, be aware that Apple states, "This setting also allows third-party apps to use more cellular data for enhanced experiences." So be mindful that if you do not have an unlimited data plan, you could see some extra charges.