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Intel teases 12th Gen Alder Lake chips — Apple's M1 could get some competition

Intel Alder Lake
(Image credit: Intel)

Apple may have stunned the industry with its ARM-based MacBooks and their high-performing hybrid M1 chips in November last year, but Intel is looking to be the future foundation of not just mobile processors, but desktops, too. 

Intel showed off its 12th-generation Alder Lake chips at CES 2021, mimicking the hybrid performance and efficiency of Apple’s M1 chip, although Intel is promising a bit more ‘oomph’. 

The Alder Lake chips are expected to feature an enhanced version of the 10-nanometer SuperFin designs, two new core architectures including ‘Golden Lake’ for power and ‘Gracemont’ for efficiency. Along with faster transistors and an improved MIM Capacitor, Intel is striving for a “significant breakthrough in x86 architecture.”

With Intel’s 11th-gen Tiger Lake already impressing with its eight-core CPUs along with its upcoming 11th-gen Rocket Lake desktop CPUs, Intel is clearly pushing the boat out for desktops and laptops alike. If its hybrid, ARM-like Alder Lake chips are ready to roll out later this year, Apple should be wary of competition.

It will be a while before we see these chips. In the meantime, find out everything that’s going down over at CES 2021.