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Beating The Last of Us Part II on Grounded or Permadeath reveals different end credits

The Last of Us Part II
(Image credit: Naughty Dog)

Players have discovered that beating The Last of Us Part II on Grounded or with Permadeath enabled will net you with different end credits than finishing on standard difficulty.

We found a video of a player completing The Last of Us Part II on Grounded, which gave them a new end credits song where you get to hear Joel sing the full version of Future Days. Here's what it sounds like:

The Last of Us Part II secret end credits

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Another player claimed that completing The Last of Us Part II with permadeath on actually changes the end credits song to a cover of Shawn James' "Through the Valley" sung by Ellie. 

For context, that song plays in the game's first trailer reveal but didn't actually appear in the game, or so we thought. Sure enough, doing a quick search on YouTube revealed that someone else also completed it and captured video of the song.

These are pretty neat treats for players who go through the trouble of making their way through these challenges. If you don't want the experience spoiled for you when you hit those credits, we simply recommended not watching the videos and go on with the guarantee that you'll get something special.

I wonder what happens when you beat the game on Grounded and Permadeath. Do you get a different song? Or does one override the other? Guess you'll have to play on both to find out.