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Apple AirPods Pro 2 and iPhone SE 3 coming soon — What we know (report)

AirPods Pro
(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

The AirPods Pro 2 and iPhone SE 3 will be released at the same this April, according to a report from Japanese blog Macotakara.

The new AirPods Pro is expected to have a more compact design for its charging case, with a new case being 46mm tall and 54mm wide, although it will stay 21mm thick. Essentially, this will make the case slightly thinner, with the current case being 45.2mm tall and 60.6mm wide.

Back in 2020, rumors claimed Apple would release the cheaper AirPods Pro Lite in the first half of 2021. Whether these two rumors are leading to the same version of the AirPods Pro or two separate models? Only time will tell.

Apple AirPods 3 are also rumored to release in 2021, with some reported changes including shorter ear stems, silicone ear tips, and longer battery life. While they will share a similar appearance to the AirPods Pro, the AirPods 3 will not feature noise cancellation.

Macotakara also states there will be a 2021 update to the iPhone SE, although the second-generation recently launched in 2020. There were no further details on the third-generation iPhone SE’s specs or design, but seeing as Apple came out with its new A14 chips for its iPhone 12 lineup, it may share the traits.

As is the case with most reports, we advise you to take these claims with a grain of salt. We hear many rumors and leaks about Apple products and only a few end up being accurate. That's not to say this isn't, we just wouldn't get too excited just yet.