The new Roku Pro Series TVs could be a gamer’s dream for under $1,000 — here’s why

The new Roku Pro Series TVs could be a gamer’s dream for under $1,000 — here’s why
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I'm a sucker for a shiny new TV, especially OLED TVs, but they're not cheap. And trying to get a TV that can take full advantage of everything the Xbox Series X and PS5 have to offer is equally as expensive — or is it?

Roku recently unveiled its Pro Series TVs that offer everything this console generation needs to get up and running, all for under $1,000. The best part? The Pro Series TVs have started shipping today, starting at $899!

Here's why you should consider nabbing one of these bad boys, especially if you're a gamer.

Roku Pro Series TVs are a gamer's dream

Assuming you want to keep your wallet attached to you, let's talk about the new Roku Pro Series 55-inch TV. You get the basics — 55-inch screen, 4K resolution and Dolby Vision with HDR 10+. That means it'll be sharp and color-accurate.

Then, you get the real treat — 120Hz refresh rate, Mini LED panel and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro. So that means you'll be able to experience games at 120 frames per second, and with FreeSync, you shouldn't experience any screen tearing.

What's special about Mini LED? Mini LED is the evolution of your standard LED panel. It's brighter and offers greater contrast. The light emitters backing the panels are roughly half the size in Mini LED, so if you shrink the lights by half, that means you can add double the amount. It's not a perfect comparison, but it's like jumping from 1080p to 4K in terms of quality.

The Roku Pro Series TVs also feature low latency modes and VRR support, which are both features that ensure you're getting the most optimal gaming experience with little lag or graphical hiccups.

Another excellent feature is the design. If it's mounted, it can sit flush against your wall, and when it's not in use, it can switch to screensavers that make it look like a piece of art.

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