Google rebrands Bard to Gemini – and Geminis everywhere are offended

Google Gemini logo
(Image credit: Google)

Not even a full year since its inception, Google may be changing the name of AI tool Bard. Endgadget is reporting that Google Bard will soon go by Google Gemini. The report comes from X user Dylan Roussel (@evowizz), who shared an Android changelog detailing the update. Right at the top of the changelog are the words "Bard is now Gemini," with a Gemini app "coming soon."

Google Gemini changelog

(Image credit: Dylan Roussel (@evowizz))

Much like OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google will offer a subscription-based version with extra features. Gemini Advanced will offer subscribers access to the Ultra 1.0 version of the Artificial Intelligence which is "more capable at highly complex tasks like coding, logical reasoning, following nuanced instructions, and creative collaboration."

Gemini already exists at Google

Google Gemini image generation

(Image credit: Google)

Earlier this year, leaked screenshots of the Google Assistant with Bard functionality on Android made their rounds on the internet. So this change from Bard to Gemini seems recent. It is also somewhat confusing because Google Gemini was previously announced as a new multimodal AI that would be integrated into other systems like Bard.

Google's December 2023 Gemini Demo also featured reduced latency and shortened outputs for "brevity." Effectively meaning it was partially staged. Which did little to fill us with enthusiasm for the AI model.

On the one hand, combining Bard and Gemini into one brand makes sense as a way to cut down on confusion. Both are AI systems built by Google and Google Gemini has that fun alliteration. However, Bard has been the name for Google's primary AI tool for almost a year now. It's not the longest legacy, but it is a more familiar name for the average Chrome or Android user than Gemini.

Geminis don't deserve this slander

Google Bard and Microsoft Copilot logos over AI generated image gallery

(Image credit: Google / Microsoft)

No matter where you stand on the validity of horoscopes and astrology, no group of people deserves to be saddled with an AI learning model that will be outpaced and replaced in a few years. It's the punchline for a thousand bad jokes. And as a Gemini, I take deep offense to this.

Sure, Gemini is also a constellation named after a set of twins from Greco-Roman mythology. But the star system and the myth don't deserve this slander either. Gemini is also the brand name for so many products already. Including Devialet's Gemini earbuds.

Bard is admittedly not great either. Shakespeare and "Dungeons & Dragons" are both better without the AI association. 

Google should just go for a complete re-brand of both AI tools and name them something more unique. Something that brings "AI assistant" to mind. HAL, maybe.

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