OnePlus takes aim at Galaxy AI with a new software update — but there's a catch

OnePlus 12 promotional images
(Image credit: OnePlus)

With new Galaxy AI features from Samsung taking the world by storm, you'd think OnePlus would want to spread the word that its phones will shortly have AI-powered features as well. But oddly, there was no mention of AI features during its global launch towards the end of January.

OnePlus is currently pushing out AI-related software updates for the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 11, but only on the latest version of ColoOS in China (via Android Authority). Many of these AI updates look pretty similar to Samsung's Galaxy AI features, and it's not clear when, or even if, these features might be rolled out globally to OxygenOS users.

OnePlus ColorOS brings many new AI features

Chinese phone maker OnePlus uses ColorOS for its devices in China and OxygenOS for phones everywhere else. There's not much difference between the two operating systems, but right now, OnePlus 11 and 12 phones running ColorOS are the ones receiving new AI features. Reddit user milkyteapls shared an image with update notes for the latest ColorOS version.

Under the "Smart services" section in the update notes, it looks like OnePlus is rolling out a new AI Summariser feature that can "generate call summaries by extracting times, places, action items, and other key information from your phone calls." Additionally, users can summarize articles with a single tap. These summarization features are only slightly similar to Galaxy AI's Note Assist tool.

OnePlus 12 phone in green colorway

(Image credit: OnePlus)

OnePlus is also adding an AIGC Remover feature, which sounds just like Galaxy AI's Generative Edit feature or Magic Eraser on Pixel phones. This new photo-editing feature lets you "remove unwanted objects or people" to clean up your photos.

Finally, the update notes mention Breeno, a virtual assistant developed by Huawaei and used on OnePlus and OPPO phones. More specifically, the note says that Breeno Touch "can recognize onscreen content and provide quick access to relevant services." While this sounds similar to the Galaxy AI Circle to Search feature, it'll likely be a feature you can tap and hold to access on any screen on your phone, rather than something you can only use on images.

Right now, these features are only confirmed for the February ColorOS update on a OnePlus 11 and 12 phones. But the jury's still out on when or if these features may also reach OnePlus 11 and 12 phones running OxygenOS outside of China. Be sure to check out our hands-on review of the OnePlus 12 to decide if it's worth upgrading ahead of these potential AI software improvements.