Google Chrome ups the AI to compete with Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome app logo on a smartphone screen
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Google Chrome is set to receive a trio of generative AI features from a series of updates already rolling out to U.S. users (with other regions to follow) throughout the coming month. The features include smart tab grouping, generative themes, and AI-assisted drafting.

With one of Chrome’s direct competitors, Microsoft Edge, happy to flex as an “AI Browser,” it would seem Google is more than willing to follow suit across its next series of updates. The features draw upon similar generative tools found in other parts of the Google ecosystem, including the Pixel 8’s generative AI wallpapers and the “Help me write” feature found in Google Docs.

Generative AI in Google Chrome: Organize, customize, and inspire

Alongside the current update (M121), users will be able to make use of the new Tab Organizer — a feature designed to unclutter and categorize your open tabs. Right-click any open tab and select “Organize Similar Tabs” and Chrome will now be able to group together related content, doing away with the painful process of scouring an overly-populated tab bar for the right content.

As previously mentioned, generative themes will also debut on Google Chrome alongside the Tab Organizer. This feature can be found in the “Customize Chrome” panel and allows users to select a subject, style, mood, and color before generating a unique and personalized backdrop for their browser. 

In an update to follow, the “Help me write” feature found in Google Workspace will become available across the world wide web, with the handy generative AI tool available by right-clicking any text box or field you come across while browsing. This is great for getting a head start when it comes to contributing to conversations online or to help you find the right words and tone when reaching out to others.


Google has also recently expanded the potential of its search engine with the new Search Generative Experience for snapshot summaries of the results page. They’ve also implemented Duet AI into Google Workspace for enhanced productivity and created the world’s worst most inconsistent chatbot in Google Bard. And it’s Google’s multimodal AI Gemini acting as the brains behind the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s new Galaxy AI features.

With Google putting all of its eggs in the generative basket, Chrome’s evolution into a full-scale AI browser seems like only a matter of time — and the M121 update now rolling out seems to be the first step in that direction. The inbound trio of generative AI features offers a solid mix of improvements to organization, customization, and inspiration, giving users a varied platter to engage with on release.

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