Flexispot EG8 Comhar Standing Desk Review

Flexispot’s EG8 standing desk is a great standing desk that gets close to perfect.

Flexispot EG8 Comhar
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Laptop Mag Verdict

The Flexispot EG8 Comhar is an awesome standing desk for the working from home crowd — packed with user-friendly features and a sleek, upmarket aesthetic, alongside being easy to set up. Now if the company can solve the small problems like cable management and remove the support beam, then this could be the perfect option for everyone.


  • +

    Attractively premium design

  • +

    Easy setup

  • +

    Built-in USB ports and desk drawer

  • +

    Great anti-collision feature


  • -

    No real cable management

  • -

    Horizontal beam gets in the way of any foot rests

  • -

    Expensive and heavy

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Flexispot has quickly become one of the default options for those looking to snap up a standing desk for their working from home needs, and the company has just refreshed its much loved EG8 Comhar.

Whether it's just for the 9-5, or for the day shift followed by an evening packed with gaming (my average day), it’s an essential purchase for your health, and to shut up any Apple Watch stand notifications.

So does the EG8 Comhar continue its top form as one of the best standing desks by improving on the already 5-star formula? The answer, as you can tell by the ever so slightly reduced score, is a little more complicated. Let’s get into it.

Standing vs Sitting

I’m an average height and weight thirty-something who came from being made redundant to landing his dream job as a tech journalist. With this in mind, it’s fair to say that I’ve become accustomed to sitting down for very long stretches.

But once I got a taste of the “sit-stand-move” lifestyle with the Flexispot EG8 Comhar, I realized just what kind of a toll being a couch potato had on my body and mind. 

My knees and spine feel so much better from the additional movement, which keeps my body actively pumping fresh blood and oxygen to my brain and helps me feel more engaged over longer work sessions. And of course, the most important thing, my Apple Watch doesn’t tell me off anymore!

Flexispot EG8 Comhar

(Image credit: Future)

Flexispot EG8 Comhar pricing and configurations

In the U.S, prices start from $399 for the EG8 Comhar with a wooden top, going up to $454 for the one we got that features a glass-topped desk top. Over in the U.K, these costs are £389 and £449 respectively. 

As for colorways and finishes, you’ve got black or white for the frame and glass top, or a load of wood finishes.

Flexispot EG8 Comhar setup

Flexispot EG8 Comhar

(Image credit: Future)

Setting up the Flexispot EG8 Comhar is a cinch! It took me 45 minutes to complete the build, which was as easy as building the frame, resizing the center beam to fit the length of the desktop, securing said desktop, and plugging it in.

The instructions are easy to follow and you get the hex key tools you need in the package.

Fair warning: it is heavy. So, provided you’ve got the muscles to lug these packages or have some to help you with any lifting, you’ll be fine.

Flexispot EG8 Comhar design and ease of use

Flexispot EG8 Comhar

(Image credit: Future)

I picked the all black finish with the glass black desktop and in reality, there’s nothing quite like it. Hell I’ll say it: it’s a stunner.

The premium, restrained design fits into any room, the sturdy metal matte frame oozes class, and it pairs with a glossy glass top to create a desk that I’m psyched to sit and stand in front of.

Plus, at 47 x 27 inches, there’s plenty of space to hold all of my stuff, plus the additional built-in desk drawer gives you another opportunity to keep things clear. I would prefer this drawer to be slightly deeper, as at 1.6 inches, it’s only really good enough for a flat keyboard like my Logitech MX Keys and some notebooks.

When moving up and down, the dual-motor lifting system is fast, quiet, and has a load bearing weight of up to 220lbs (100kg). Simply put, if you’re messy like me, this can handle a helluva lot of clutter, although you should really tidy up because a clean desk equals a clear mind.

Flexispot EG8 Comhar

(Image credit: Future)

I do have a couple of gripes with the design, though, which Flexispot should really address. First, while the horizontal support beam is low enough to be a makeshift footrest, it does get in the way of any under desk foot rest you may have already bought for yourself.

And second, with both a lack of grommets and no additional cable management tray you can buy from Flexispot, it makes trying to get cables out the way and clean up your setup a virtually impossible task. Sure, you can get around it with some zip up cable covers and a cable tidy box like what I have, but for the price, you should really get some of this stuff included.

Flexispot EG8 Comhar special features

The EG8 Comhar packs a flawless anti-collision function, which detects any potential collision points around the rising and lowering desk and corrects itself before any damage is done.

Plus, the premium keypad is really easy to use with the ability to customize the height on a granular level and save four presets. Plus, the inclusion of two USB-A and a USB-C port for charging has been so much more convenient than I possibly thought. Having them to hand for charging my phone, earbuds or controller is a warmly welcomed addition.

Flexispot EG8 Comhar warranty

Flexispot Eg8 Comhar

(Image credit: Future)

Height-adjustable desk frames from Flexispot in the U.S. come with a five-year warranty “for the frame, motor and other mechanisms,” and two years for the “controller, switch and electronics.”

In the U.K., that warranty is five years for the frame and three for “the motor, controller and switch, electronics and other mechanisms.”

These terms, in the grand scheme of standing desk warranty policies, are decent. Five years is a long time — especially for the motor, and three years is good enough for the electronics. I’d just like to see more warranty consistency between the U.K. and U.S.

Bottom line

Flexispot’s latest all-in-one standing desk is still one of the best you can buy right now. The EG8 Comhar is quick to set up, has a few user-friendly additions and it looks really, really good.

But the company has not addressed the lack of proper cable management, nor has the horizontal beam been moved to make way for any kind of under desk ergonomic foot stand that you’ve already bought for yourself, now we’re over two years into the new ways of working.

If Flexispot fixes these issues, this will be a perfect standing desk. But for now, it’s simply a really good standing desk.

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