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PicSay Pro Review

Laptop Mag Verdict

Despite fun speech bubbles and cheap tricks, PicSay is an expressive and playful way to make fun photos.


  • +

    Precise sliders for adjusting vignette, spotlight, matte, and other effects


  • -

    Silly stickers and fonts

Don't be fooled by its playful icons and zany effects. PicSay Pro might look like a novelty app, but beyond its speech bubbles, clip art, and fun house mirror distortions is a top-notch image editor.

One big button in the center grabs a picture from your Android phone, either from your photo library or the camera. We appreciated how the menu made it easy to navigate the list of filters, edits, and effects we could apply: levels, brightness, contrast, exposure, and color saturation. After selecting the adjustment you want, you can use sliders to edit the picture with precision.

Of course, if you're looking for novelty, PicSay Pro doesn't disappoint. We snapped a photo of our friend's face and went wild with goofy swirls, bulges, and silly captions. We could even apply the effects on particular areas of the photo using the app's masking mode. One thing we didn't like, however, was the app's rather clunky tools for editing text. When you're done with your adjustments, you can export images via Bluetooth, email, or Picasa.

PicSay Pro is both a capable editing tool and a fun way to jazz up your otherwise ordinary smartphone photos.

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