iPhone 15 Pro A17 Pro Geekbench leak shows off HUGE performance gains (report)

iPhone 15 Pro
(Image credit: Apple)

The iPhone 15 Pro is the world’s first phone to adopt a 3 nanometer chipset — named A17 Pro. Apple has claimed its the fastest smartphone chip on the planet, but can that claim be believed?

Well, as this leaked Geekbench result states clearly, the answer is a resounding “yes,” as the results are far and above anything we’ve ever seen in a smartphone CPU benchmark.

Off the (geek)bench

The A17 Pro packs a 6-core CPU, 6-core GPU and a 14-core Neural Engine, and a leaked pair of Geekbench results give us a good indication of how much more powerful this 3 nanometer chipset is.

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PhoneGeekbench Single-coreGeekbench Multicore
iPhone 15 Pro2,9087,238
iPhone 15 Pro Max2,8467,024
iPhone 14 Pro Max2,5176,355

On top of this, the benchmark pages also revealed a 3.78 GHz base frequency — seemingly faster than the purported speed of Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. We’re seeing a 16% single-core score improvement over the A16 Bionic, and a 13% increase in multi-core speed.

There are no graphical test results yet to test the hardware-accelerated ray tracing claims made by Apple, but we’ll find these out soon enough!


Apple talked a big game about the A17 Pro, and the numbers seemingly back it up here. On top of that, the Geekbench listings seemingly confirm the amount of RAM on board will be upped from 6GB to 8GB, which will be great for multitasking.

We now just have to wait for the power efficiency credentials of this chip, which we’re hoping will deliver a better battery life than what we saw in the iPhone 14 Pro.

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