The Nothing Phone 2a could be an Android iPhone with a Pixel price tag

Nothing phone (2a) mock-up
(Image credit: Laptop Mag / Rael Hornby)

Nothing may be preparing to add another model to their Phone (2) line-up, according to tech tipster Sanju Choudhary on X. While many would expect the brand to be working on a follow-up in the Nothing Phone (3), Choudhary shared information to the contrary.

Instead of a direct sequel to their popular flagship, Nothing appears to be taking a page out of the Google Pixel's playbook and focusing on an affordable alternative in the form of the Nothing (2a).

Backing up his claims are two (rather lo-res) images purportedly showing off the new device which features a Nothing Phone (1) familiar design but with a display more closely matching the Nothing Phone (2) with a center-aligned, punch-hole selfie camera.

Also included in the leak were a series of possible specifications including a 6.7-inch AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, dual 50MP OIS rear cameras, a 16MP selfie camera, a 4,920mAh battery capacity, and the indication that this new phone will run Nothing OS 2.5 (on Android 14) out of the box. At the moment, we've no word on what processor might be featured, or which configurations the phone may be available in.

Premium style, competitive pricing

The Nothing Phone (1) and (2) are some of the most eye-catching Android phones available with their unique "Glyph" design and iPhone feel. They're also affordably priced, and non-too-shabby when it comes to specs — offering a solid camera array and display as stand-outs. 

The Nothing Phone (2a) appears to be targeting a more mid-range and budget-friendly market with Choudhary further commenting that he expects the device to be priced between 30k and 35k Rupees, roughly $360-$420. This would put the Nothing Phone (2a) in a great position to tackle the current mid-range star the Pixel 7a, or even its upcoming follow-up in the Pixel 8a.


The information we have at hand about the supposed Nothing Phone (2a) is scarce, and leaks like this should always be taken with a healthy amount of sodium seasoning. However, should this be the direction that the Nothing brand is heading in, then it only makes its particular flavor of Android phone all that more appealing to a wider audience.

The Nothing Phone is something new and interesting, and a lower price point can only lead to a higher adoption rate among Android users — especially when the Phone (2a) seemingly sacrifices none of the line-ups unique design elements and impressive display and camera components.

We can't say for certain if this leak contains accurate information. Though, Choudhary, while not one of the more common names attributed to leaked information, is slowly building up a history of having delivered accurate information about other products in the past.

That being said, even the best of the Twitter tech tipsters get it wrong sometimes, and we'll be keeping our ear to the ground when it comes to the Nothing Phone (2a) for further information that corroborates Choudhary's report.

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