Your next MacBook Pro might break speed records: here’s how

Your next MacBook Pro might break speed records: here’s how
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Apple's next generation MacBooks look set to arrive with next level performance, courtesy of new chipsets built on TSMC's 3nm process, according to DigiTimes. This means more transistors can be crammed onto the chip — resulting in improved speeds and better power efficiency.

Many were expecting the M2 Pro and Max to launch the new chip after many rumors, but the recently launched MacBook Pros are still using the current 5nm process. 

TSMC started focusing on mass production of the 3nm process chips in Q4 of 2022, and Apple is first in line for them, with Intel oddly delaying its order of 3nm chips from TSMC until Q4 2024. 

Apple is TSMC's priority customer, which gives the Cupertino tech giant the edge in getting 3nm process chips to market faster — that much is clear with rumors surrounding an M3 MacBook Air coming later this year.

How much faster

According to reports from 2021, the 3nm process will allow for up to 40 cores or more on a single chip. Which is a lot of cores, and more than we see in the recently released M2 Pro or Max. which everyone was hoping would feature the 3nm process cores. 

In 2020, TSMC predicted that the transition from a 7nm to a 5nm process would deliver a 15% increase in performance with a 20% reduction in power demand. If this remains true, we should see an additional 15% performance boost and even more power-sipping efficiency.

So far, TSMC's testing of the new 3nm chips is supposedly showing dramatically improved performance and efficiency, surpassing the company's expectations. Have we seen any actual numbers yet? No, but with the M2 Pro and Max only delivering a modicum of performance improvements vs. the M2 (basic), leaving some Apple enthusiasts a little disappointed. 

However, TSMC's new process will allow for 40+ cores, which should create boosts in performance we've not seen since the original M1 debuted. So, buckle up, Apple fans, Q4 2023 should bring some seriously powerful MacBook Pros that you can rub in your PC-loving friend's faces. 

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